WTF is Killbox?



Days after their founder Andy C dropped his own illusive video, Ram are up to more mysterious tricks again… This morning on their Facebook page they posted this video:

Considering the last time they ran a hypey short video with minimal-to- f**k-all information like this it was to announce the signing of Bad Company UK, this has potential to be a big deal. So what or who is Killbox and why do they require their own video? You don’t see this type of promo activity for every new act the label signs. This is blatantly something big.

We squeezed Ram for more info and this is what we’ve learnt… Killbox is more than one person and you are guaranteed to have heard of them. That’s all we can get for now.

The clue, we suspect, is in the sound design on that roar. Looking at Ram’s current roster it could be one of a number of their artists on the techy tip… But that’s not to say these aren’t brand new names to the label. Or names that haven’t been on the label in years, maybe?

Either way we’re intrigued and have been told that more will be revealed within the month. What’s clear at the moment is that after several months of settling into their new partnership with BMG, Ram are firing on all cylinders. In the last two months we’ve had Bad Company return with two incendiary, level-setting productions AND Camo & Krooked joining Ram with all things Mosaik. Now this…. Whatever the hell it is.

Stay tuned for more Killbox information. In the meantime let’s rewind over the last few Bad Company uploads on UKF. Just because we can…