Yellow Claw’s Barong Family just got smashed up drum & bass-style courtesy of Nymfo

If you’ve followed Nymfo for longer than a minute then you’ll already appreciate his deviant, sub-genre smelting attitude.

One of the rare breed of drum & bass artists who has successfully released beats on labels as diverse as Metalheadz and Hospital by way of Samurai, CIA and Ram, Nymfo is tied to no particular camp besides that of his surname (which is literally Camp) We’re not even half way through the year and he’s already graced the halls of Dispatch, Renegade Hardware, Vandal… And now Yellow Claw’s Barong Family.

Even for a man of his diverse-yet-consistent reputation this is a new level of sub-genre deviancy. Barong Family excel in the 140-150 zone with a scorching range of peaktime trap, EDM and every shade of bass in between… But until now they’ve never upped the tempo.

It’s always been part of the plan, though, and they knew Nymfo would be the right man for the job. Fellow Amsterdamians and kindred spirits in the art of bass fusions, they knew he’d complement their full-flavoured aesthetics. And boy has he delivered. The EP, fittingly entitled Stranger Things, is out this Friday and, to put it simply, it’s mental. Sitting somewhere between halftime, trap, EDM, dubstep, this could smash the biggest rooms to the deepest underground dungeons. It’s unlike anything we’ve heard from Nymfo  full stop.

Have a listen while we tell you more…


How long have you been planning this? Was drum & bass always going to make its way onto Barong Family? 

Yellow Claw: This is something that just NEEDED to happen. A proper drum & bass EP on Barong Family. We’ve always been a fan of all bass related music and it felt like the time was right and Nymfo was the right man for the job… We’ve been following him for years already and have even spent some time in studios together. We knew he wouldn’t mess around when we asked him to cook something up for our label he definitely delivered; he’s really captured both his and Barong Family’s signature sound and made something that both our fans and the day-one drum & bass heads can share the dancefloor to. Synergy.

Nymfo: After they asked me for a four track EP, I started thinking about several concepts for the tunes. Because I’ve released so much drum and bass the last 10 years, it was hard being creative in the studio for me the last months. So for this EP I went fully outside the box. Drum & bass has got so many unwritten rules and can be very technical, which makes you less creative sometimes. I just went with the flow and wasn’t thinking about those rules and here we are.

So what are we calling this crazy hybrid? Trap and bass? Ghetto halftime? You’ve struck a really mad blend here…

Nymfo: Bassterdam? Nymfstep? Maybe it’s a smart idea indeed to create a new genre and claim to be the first one who is doing it hah! But thanks. It’s a mix of a bunch of genres in one EP indeed, which is really fun to do I can tell you!

Nymfo, how will you develop this new strand to your ever-developing style?

All the tracks are around the average D&B tempo of 172, so I will play this in my sets without any problem. I’ve always been a very diverse DJ and producer, so I’m sure this will also fit. A lot of producers are positively surprised and hit me up already for doing similar kinda collabs. So it’s all quite interesting at the moment. Also because drum & bass is still growing and there are more mainstream artists playing it more and more, this vibe could be a great crossover opportunity I hope. Just don’t try to think too much in genres when you DJ and you will be fine.

Yellow Claw, is the start of a whole new 170 theme to Barong Family?

Who knows? For a while we were afraid that our fans wouldn’t know what to do with 170bpm music, but the reactions are great and we can’t wait to play this one at the festivals. We’re always exploring new exciting music to put out on the label and this EP just works.

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