YouTube Announce Paid Subscription Service


Tired of seeing ads while checking your favourite UKF video? Want a more ethical solution than AdBlock? Got a spare $9.99 a month?

Then you might want to say hello to YouTube Red. Announced last night, it’s a brand new membership service that’s set to launch in the US on October 28 (and the rest of the world in due course).

Based on the same concept as other subscription streaming services, the monthly fee will negate any adverts, allowing you to watch and listen uninterrupted, play videos in the background and download videos to watch offline.

The service, for now, is exclusive to North America. The first month is free ($9.99 per month thereafter) and it’s linked with Google Play so if you pay for that already then you’ll have access to YouTube Red. YouTube have also revealed a forthcoming YouTube Music app and content series exclusive to Red subscribers from popular creators such as PewDiePie, The Game Theorists and Tobuscus.

For full details on all things YouTube Red, check the YouTube blog and watch the video below.

An interesting time for YouTube users. We’re keen to know what you think… Will you pay a monthly fee to enjoy your favourite content without adverts? Let us know!