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Dave Jenkins


Barely Alive: 2017 So Far…


Barely Alive: 2017 So Far…

Nine weeks into 2017 and Barely Alive have already made some pretty bold moves.

* They’ve started to rock a cool new laser TV robot head when DJing

* They’re on Excision’s immense Paradox tour

* They’ve recently dropped a crucial four-track EP on OWSLA.

Covering all bases they’re known for, the Domain EP features princely tracks like this…

Currently on the road (see bold move number two), chugging multiple bottles of water and hatching plans involving bouncy castles and yoghurts, they were unable to talk at great length about their year so far.

So we sent them a few incomplete sentences to finish instead.

(Photo credit: Tyler Moss)

2017 got me like…

…Ca$h me outside how bow dah?

When I debuted my flashy new stage show concept I felt…

… Nothing. Because I am a robot designed by my creators Matt and Willie, devoid of all human emotion.

The helmet has revolutionised the Barely Alive performance because…

…. Now it’s not just some guy jumping around on stage – it’s a laser TV robot jumping around instead.

The strangest things I’ve seen so far this year include…

… Finding out that the T Rex that performs on stage with excision isn’t actually a guy in a suit, but a morbidly obese iguana that has been trained how to use a CO2 cannon. You don’t want to know what his trailer smells like.

Three of the most important lessons I’ve learnt on tour with Excision this year are…

* Don’t chug two bottles of water in a row even if it makes you look manly and gets you instantly hydrated. It’s very painful.

* Sandals and a Bluetooth speaker should be essential packing requirements for a bus tour.

* You can never buy too many pairs of socks.

The OWSLA EP came about when…

… The EP was still in demo stages but we felt confident enough to show it to the guys at the OWSLA office. They wanted to sign it right away which was a great motivator to actually finish all the songs.

The most important thing you need to know about the Domain EP is….

… All the songs have been in production for most of the past year, but still fully reflect our newest sound and style.

The awesome smooth af 80s synth finale of CA$H is the soundtrack to a power montage where some dude…

… Speeds away from a massive imploding star in a hyperspace ship, pursued by an enemy armada that one by one get sucked into the ball of fire and plasma.

A funny thing happened on Gumby with Habstrakt when…

… Adam got up and said “I’m going to go eat a piece of cheese”, and believe or not he actually went to the kitchen and did it, the absolute madman!!

Following the new stage show concept, a tour with Excision and an OWSLA EP, the next Barely activities include…

…. Something involving bouncy castles, or a line of artisan frozen yogurts, maybe. Your guess is as good as ours.


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