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DJ Hazard X Critical Music


DJ Hazard X Critical Music

DJ Hazard’s unexpected release with Critical Music is the culmination of two forces destined to converge. This week the artist and imprint unleashed the surprising announcement via instagram to hundreds of celebratory remarks from both fans and peers alike.


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Known for their commitment to cutting-edge drum and bass, Critical Music has consistently paved the way for pioneering artists to carve out their creative niches. From artists like Mefjus to Enei and Sam Binga, the label has an unparalleled track record for pushing boundaries, so it makes sense that the imprint has welcomed an artist as pivotal as DJ Hazard. Tracks such as ‘Machete’, ‘Time Tripping’, and the infamous ‘Mr Happy’, to name a mere few, were some of the most innovative records of their time, causing waves within the jump up sub-genre. 

Today we see the joining of two heavyweights with Double D & Undesirables.

We have a very quick catch up with the man, the myth the legend, the one and only DJ Hazard.

Do you think people will be surprised to see your name on the Critical roster?   

I hope so, that was the whole point. I had more tunes than I knew what to do with so thought maybe I could approach a few labels who have supported me over the years and see if they want to do a release. Critical have given me plenty of bookings over the years so I thought what better place to start, no-one would see it coming and to my surprise, they said yes!

Why do you think Critical x DJ Hazard is a good match Sonically?    

I’m not sure it is a match sonically nor do I think it needs to be as Critical release such a wide range of music but here’s how it went down… I sent Kasra a tune that I thought would be a match for the label, he liked it and asked if I had anything for the b-side, I wasn’t at my main computer at the time so couldn’t go through my catalogue and pick out a tune that I thought would be fitting, but I had a couple of wildcard tunes sitting on my laptop so thought I send them over just in case they might like one. I got an email straight back asking if they could have the 2 wildcard tunes instead. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised that they picked those tunes, but I guess that’s what makes Critical the label they are today. They’re not afraid to mix things up.

Do you have a favourite Critical release from over the years?  

One of my Critical favourites is ‘Mosquito’ by Enei. That’s a tune I can play anywhere and I still play it today. It’s such a mood switcher. It doesn’t matter if you play liquid, jump up or tech, it fits anywhere.

“Like most people who follow d&b I’ve long been a fan of  DJ Hazard’s music and when the rare opportunity came along to release some of his tunes I couldn’t let that pass us by. It’s a real honour to have Hazard on the label!”      -Kasra

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