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Get To Know: Grimesy


Get To Know: Grimesy


RAM’s sister label ProgRAM just dropped their latest Pieces VA and we wanted to hone in on one of the artists who has caught our attention for a good while now. Meet Grimesy, a guy on a massive roll out with his latest sling of releases. 

Straight outta Lancaster, Ste Grimes hails from the picturesque little city with a name more famous for witch trials and bomber planes than bass music. However change is afoot, and this one to watch is bringing the shellers and then some.

With its small-yet-loyal rave scene, there are very few producers from the Lancaster area known outside of their bedrooms, or with so many accolades under their belt already such as man like Grimesy. With music already signed to Original Key, Born on Road, Chopstick Dubplate, Deep In The Jungle, Formation Records, Subwoofah, and Nuusic, his latest single featuring the delightful vocals of Sahala has us all abuzz at UKF.

The Purpose has that hands-in-the-air anthemic quality; steppy drums, dub sirens, and a rolling mid bass that rollicks along with the wonderful Sahala on the mic. With a killer rhythm which alternates step and flow between soulful hooks and spoken bars; trust us, this one’s a combination not to be missed.

RAM Records · Grimesy – The Purpose Feat. Sahala

We caught up with Grimesy to find out more about his d&b journey so far….

Grimesy, you must feel wicked with that progRam release under your belt … Andy C listening to your tunes, props.

It’s great to have a track on the label! And also good to be on their radar, hopefully I can work toward a solo release in the near future! I have sent a few tracks in so it’s great to finally be getting some picked up!

How did you end up linking up with Sahala?

I messaged Sahala online after watching a live stream on Bloc2Bloc Radio. I thought she was a wicked host for the DJ she was on with and instantly wanted to get a track down with her.

It’s such a positive tune. Kind of fitting as we return to life with restrictions lifted.

Yes I agree it is definitely a ‘feeling’ tune with the lyrics! I am really happy with the track too,  and I think it has a very uplifting and happy vibe. It definitely wouldn’t be what it is without Sahala’s voice!

Having your own EP on RAM  would be epic indeed. But you have already earned your stripes on several notable labels…

Nice one! I think progRAM has to be my favourite label to have released a track on so far, but I’m also hyped to have previously released on Born on Road and Chopstick Dubplate.

My latest release is on Original Key, and I was hyped to see my tracks Comeback and Where You At were featured on Lens’ Hospital Records show on Kiss FM.

Original Key Records · Grimesy – Comeback / Where You At

Ace stuff – it seems your sound has evolved over the years?

I initially thought I would be producing more of a jump up sound when I started college but after a few years of learning and creating music, my style has leaned far more towards a darker, rolling sound. 

It’s most definitely rolling. Producing ump up can be a bit limited and divisive, especially being quite a ‘niche’ sound…

I do love jump up, but I’m definitely more into dark moody rollers now I’m more into producing tunes.

Speaking of production, do you use hardware or plugins when you’re in the creative process? Talk us through it!

I have used hardware yes, but I have since got rid of everything! I needed the money and I now think I much prefer the quick workflow that comes from using VSTs. Hardware is really fun to use however!

My go-to synth is Ableton’s Operator! I make all my sounds using this and I will then resample these later on. Also Ableton’s Simpler and Sampler are wicked tools. 

Yeah, time is certainly of the essence with production. What have you made lately?

I have got some music on the go, yes! I’m currently getting tracks together for an EP as well as collabs with people like Conrad subs & Speaker Louis!

They’re long time mates of yours when it comes to music, aren’t they?

Yes! I first met Conrad Subs after releasing on Nuusic. I met Speaker Louis through him and we have since spoken very regularly and worked on a large number of projects including releases on Deep In The Jungle and remixes for Chopstick Dubplate.

So which of your tracks notably first started getting you recognition?

I think people definitely loved mine and Speaker Louis’ track Cant Touch on Deep In The Jungle! Since collaborating with Speaker Louis and Conrad Subs and continuing on my production journey, I’ve received air time and my music’s featured on Mollie Collins’ Kiss FM show which was wicked, and also I’d like to big up Len’s for playing some of my tunes on her Rinse FM slot. 

Deep in the Jungle Records · Speaker Louis & Grimesy – Can’t Touch

Not many producers are coming out of the Lancaster area even though there’s a small but passionate junglist community. It’s fab to see you are flourishing and getting noticed by these big labels!

Thanks! Yeah it’s really great to be getting recognised by labels who I’ve loved and supported for years.

Have you played at Highest Point? The massive festival that’s putting the city of  Lancaster on the map.

Highest Point Festival was a great one to play at,being in my hometown where I grew up, and playing after High Contrast at the after party was wicked.

I bet, Hometown Glory as that remix goes…

Yes mate! It was amazing and definitely a great memory!

As I’m from the area, I understand the absolute lack of venues and therefore nights round there. Can you see yourself moving to one of the D&B hives or are you settled where you are?

I would never move from Lancaster! I absolutely love my city and it has direct train routes to anywhere I need to be! Perfect location in my eyes. We have had some decent nights here including the Bass Race, Juice Box, and Range 55 that have and continue to put on wicked events with good artists but the lack of venues is definitely challenging.

Juicy! Do you take inspiration from your surroundings at all?

Not so much surroundings but local heads… Production wise my good friend and local MC, Matty Banton gave me a huge inspiration to start making music. I think he is the main reason I decided to push music at Midi School.

Did you learn your foundations at Midi School in Manchester?

I learnt the key foundations to producing music there for sure, but I have learnt far more since leaving! Every day I make music. I’m always learning and developing as are we all!

A lot of my style and sound has been trial and error and a huge part of my development is definitely working with different artists. I’ve learnt so much from fellow producers and that definitely has shaped how I am today as an artist.

Ah, it’s great to have a supportive network of heads around.

I have learnt a lot of techniques from a friend, and fellow producer Speaker Louis. He has taught me basic music theory and some really useful mixing techniques as well.

I met a great network of friends and producers through Conrad subs and since then I have really found my feet in where I want to take things. 

Deep in the Jungle Records · Grimesy & Conrad Subs – Golden Era

So from local heads to the stars, who are your heroes within D&B?

I would say Shy FX for definite! First jungle track I heard was Original Nuttah on a local skateboarding video. I also love Break, Bladerunner and Chase and Status; they’re also big inspirations.

Original Nuttah is always a good place to start!

Since I first heard that tune way back when in school I’ve been well into the sound! After hearing that the rest was history, as they say… I have been big into drum and bass / jungle music for so long now it is a part of me and I’d be nothing without the music!

Even named your dog after Metalheadz Head Honcho eh?

I did! Me and my partner Steph were getting a golden labrador and thought what better name than the man himself, Goldie! Also a very big inspiration to myself in all aspects of his career including painting graffiti.

That’s one legendary labrador. So what are your future plans for the end of this year and the next?

I am working with a couple of well known labels for 2 EPs one of which is Formation records, and also working more with musicians, making beats and recording people such as vocalists etc. My plans are to keep smashing production and firing music to bigger labels! 

Grimesy is definitely an appropriate alias for your gnarly D&B sound and we can’t wait to hear what else you have in the works. Keep roughing up the dance friend!

Grimesy by name, Grimesy by nature! 

Grimesy – The Purpose is out now on Program

Follow Grimesy: Instagram / Soundcloud


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