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Whisky Kicks


Happy Birthday UKF- 15 Years!


Happy Birthday UKF- 15 Years!

Camo & Krooked

The love for Music connects us in a very deep way,

One of the best in the business, no more to say! 

UKF for us stands for friendship, D&B and fun,

For bass lovers, you created the yellow and blue sun!

We celebrate you today, the center of attention,

“UKF Luke forever” the last thing we want to mention!

Dave Jenkins

Yes Luke! 

Happy birthday my man. To you and your brand! Thank you for believing in me and giving me complete trust and creative freedom during my time running Those eight years were the real making of me as a professional and everything I’ve achieved since is down to that foundation and the faith you had in me. I can’t thank you enough. 

Plus I can’t believe UKF is now old enough to go drinking cider in the subway or get arrested for shoplifting! Awwwwww. They grow old so quickly these days. 

* sighs emotionally and over dramatically in Welsh before twirling off into the distance while trying to hide the tears *

The Others

Happy 15 years to UKF! The bass music world would be a very different place today without them. They’re responsible for bringing mine and many other’s music to listeners all around the world and launching a whole heap of artists in the process. So a big thank you to UKF for the uploads, the articles, the parties and beyond! Here’s to 15 more years of incredible music. Alex- The Others.


Happy Birthday UKF! Can’t believe it’s been 15 years already, your channel has grown into an almighty force which is something to be SO proud of! Thank you for the support on my music too ❤️ big love, Kyrist

Nathan X

UKF! Your influence extends beyond legacy, you continue to push the boundaries of bass music to this day. You’ve always made myself and Unorthodox feel welcome, exemplifying your inclusive ethos, showing that there is room for all in this amazing scene. Sending huge love to Luke and the entire team on this milestone 15th Birthday! Here’s to another epic 15 years ahead!

Hybrid Minds 

Yooo, Happy Birthday UKF! Luke, you have been so integral to our career from uploading our first collaboration as Hybrid Minds to making sure we got drapes to make Alexandra Palace sound nice. You guys have played such an integral part in showing drum and bass music to the world and you should all be very proud of yourselves. BIG LOVE.


Happy 15th birthday! We wouldn’t be here without you guys. Feels like we’ve all grown together and we are so happy to still be part of the family after all this time – Koven xx


Hey UKF! Happy 15th Birthday 🥳  Will never forget my music first being uploaded to the page all those years ago 🙌🙌


Big ups Luke, you really helped us get our music out there in our early years and enabled our music to reach so many more ears. Also how the hell have you not aged in 15 years, please tell us your secrets!  Here’s to many more years in the game.

UKF is an essential and integral part of the global dance music culture and has been the cultivating ground for so many artists including myself. There’s only a handful of global brand who have been able to create a versatile experience covering every single aspect in electronic music and Luke and the lovable gang at UKF are the pioneers. Let me take this opportunity to wish the legendary brand UKF a happy 15 years!! Here’s for more and more years to come!! Big love!


I want to wish UKF the happiest of 15th birthdays! I met you fourteen years ago, when we were both just kids who loved drum & bass. Ever since that day, I was always dazzled by your calm intelligence, astuteness and warm heart. It’s no surprise that with you at the helm, UKF has grown so far – and continues to be a cultural pillar in the electronic music scene. I will always be indebted to you, for the chances and support you’ve given my music. 


Geez I’ll never forget the day you (Luke) walked into the Shoreditch offices all those years ago and literally changed the game. You were like 12 or something right? 😂

Here’s to another 15 years mate, smashed it! 🍻

René LaVice

I have so many fond memories and high points in my career that have been shared with (and often procured by) UKF! From having my first major YouTube upload with them at a young age and seeing the immense positivity that followed, to performing main stage at Exit festival on the UKF lineup, to travelling all the way to Buenos Aires for the first time for a UKF show, and countless other warm memories, UKF has had such an impact on my life and the lives of so many music lovers around the world. Be proud of 15 years of UKF! It’s a fantastic accomplishment and to see the outfit still at the top as one of the most influential leaders in the industry is something to behold! Keep bringing people together, and keep spreading the love of music. Keep the passion! Congratulations and much love.

Charlie Tee

Happy Bday you trailblazers! 15 whole years of UKF, what an incredible accolade and gift to the world. I can remember meeting Luke for the first time and being confused when he explained that UKF stands for ‘U.K Frome’; which is actually the place where he’s from. And now look at them, putting Frome on the map worldwide and we love to see it! Big love Charlie Tee x


 Happy 15th bday to UKF! Thank you so much for the support you’ve shown me xxx

Pola & Bryson

Happy Birthday to the UKF family! 15 years is genuinely mad, and to think it all began with a desire to share good music with others! Massive love to you Luke and the rest of your team for the decade and a half of pure love you’ve put into UKF and helping to share great music with great people and helping shape many careers along the way.

Charlotte Haining

HAPPY BIRTHDAY UKF! 15 years! Madness 🤯 Thank you so much for the ongoing support over the years! My first upload with Xilent (10 years ago!!!! eeek) opened up so many doors and opportunities for me as a vocalist and topline writer & for that, I am forever grateful! Here’s to many more years of success! Big love! Charlotte Haining xxx


Happy birthday and congrats to all the team over there! Long may our view counts continue to get my visa applications over the line.  Love, Martin


Happy birthday UKF! Seeing the blue & yellow speaker symbols for the first time during my teenage years brings back such fond memories and the influence the channel had on my music taste. I’ll never forget where I was & how I felt when I got my first upload and then meeting Luke @ Let It Roll and telling him about it a few years later. Thanks so much for everything you’ve done to support artists & the scene! Big love, Whiney

Happy birthday, UKF, and congratulations on 15 years, too! I’ll forever be grateful

to yous for giving me my first ever feature in an article, allowing me to delve deeper

into my love for music, and then again for 2023’s Black History Month segment.

Here’s to another 15 years (and beyond) in the making. Big love to yous and the

amazing team you’ve built – VXRGO❤

Critical Records

We’re truly thankful for all of the support over the years. You’ve supported many Critical releases and helped shape the label into something wonderful. Keep up the great work

Natty Lou

Happy Birthday UKF!! Wow, what an incredible 15 years it has been! Thank you for creating a central hub to showcase the latest Drum and Bass & Dubstep tracks over the years. I remember when your YouTube channel first started in 2009 and it greatly helped me to discover some of my favourite tracks, as well as artists. Thank you for helping emerging artists, such as myself, by providing a platform to showcase our music. So much love & respect to you, Natty Lou xx


Happiest of birthdays to Luke and UKF! What an incredibly influential part of my career UKF has been. Like so many other artists I have benefited immensely from the support of the Luke and the brand – UKF is a true pillar of electronic music and the scene wouldn’t be the same without it ❤️

No Nation

Big ups and big love to all UKF and crew and congrats on 15 years of journalism, helping shine a light on the independent and lesser-known faces of dance in the UK. Hopefully, many more years ahead for you to continue setting a stellar example for music journalism in the UK”


Time flies! Big up for 15 years of supporting and developing the scene! Happy Birthday guys, here’s to the next 15!

Joe Goss

Wow! 15 years! What an accomplishment. Sending you all huge thanks for all of the support you’ve given Soulvent and our artists over the last 10 years. From Live On Air sets to the ‘Who The Hell Are’ articles and countless track uploads on the channel – your contributions to the scene are something to be incredibly proud of and we wouldn’t be where we are with you.

Amy Jayne

Happy Birthday UKF! 15 years of providing and supporting great music and events. I will be forever grateful for what you’ve done for the underground scene. Massive big ups to Luke and the amazing team.” – Amy Jayne / 1985 Music 


Hey Luke. We want to thank you both for all the support you have given us over the years.  UKF was the channel we were always desperate to be a part of, and without you exposing our music to the masses we wouldn’t be where we are today.  Love you big dog’ – Pete & Andy 


Happy Birthday to UKF!!! Thank you for always supporting drum & bass no matter the subgenre or artist, we all owe you a mill for your mahi in our scene xoxo – Azifm.

Delta Heavy 

Hard to put into words the legacy UKF already has and it feels like you’re just warming up. An essential pillar of the scene run by an absolute diamond. Happy Birthday Luke & UKF crew 🎂🎉


Happy birthday you love people. Huge love for the support over the years, 15 of them! What a time to be alive, sending hugs and goodness to the team and a perfectly poured pint of Guinness for Luke. Big ups, Tempza xx


Happy Birthday UKF! Thank you for being such an influential part of my music journey, from introducing me to bass music when I was a scatty teenager to premiering my spoken word DnB debut! Lots of love, Pinks xx


Just wanted to show some love and appreciation to the heavy hitters UKF for showing continuous support and giving artists like myself a voice so on behalf of us all happy birthday- Slay


To the Team at UKF, thank you for all the love and support over the years. You’ve been detrimental to the success of countless artists and helped get the music to the ears of many.

Charlotte Devaney 

Happy Birthday UKF, 15 years wow! 

I was there in the early drum & bass arena days when forums ruled the world! So to see how far you guys have come is amazing! 

Thank you for supporting me and so many others. 

Charlotte Devaney 🩷


Happy birthday! Thanks for the support over the years. Lenz & The NQ family

Georgie Riot 

Happy birthday UKF!

Thank you so much for the continuous support, you’ve been a huge part of my journey so far.

You’re a real legend in the game Luke! 

Lots of love from Georgie Riot and the Riot Records crew


I grew up with UKF, and started listening to my first dubstep and dnb tunes because of them. Getting the opportunity to have an article on there was a full circle moment. Thank you Luke for everything, you deserve the best birthday ever.


UKF and Luke believed in me and took a chance on my debut tune, when most labels said no… and now it has over half a million streams! It’s such an honour to have backing from such an iconic label and label manager, the support means a lot ❤️

Overview Music 

Happy Birthday to UKF & Luke on 15 years, massive milestone!

Amazing to see it grow from the early YouTube days, and I’m sure I speak for many when I say this platform helped us get into this music.

Too many great uploads, but if we’re forced to pick one, we’d throw it back to this OG banger from Dirtyphonics. Still goes off:

P.S. bring back the yellow speaker xx

Hugh Hardie

‘Happy bday to UKF and big love to the wonderful team! I remember discovering the channel way back in my uni days and being obsessed with the uploads. Following the journey from a small YouTube channel to the powerhouse it is today has been remarkable to see. The dance music scene wouldn’t be the same without you! Much love, Hugh Hardie x 


Happy 15th birthday UKF ey… growing up so fast!!! Thank you for all the music and artists you’ve allowed me to discover over the years.. and thank you for premiering my track back in October! Dreams come true thanks to you!

Have a good one,

Gabs and Phase Records DNB XXX


Happy Birthday to UKF!

Honestly incredible what you’ve achieved in the last 15 years with UKF, can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds. Also I want to thank you for all you’ve done to support and release my tunes over the years, will forever be grateful. 

Cheers and here’s to another 15!


Hey UKF, Happy 15th Birthday, I remember the first time I saw that infamous yellow circle, changed the way I found new DNB. You’ve been an integral part of our journey and here is to another 15 years. Cheers! 


Wishing Luke, Sampo, Kamila and the whole amazing team at AEI a very happy birthday for 15 years of UKF! The channel was (and still is!) one of the most important sources of discovering music before I started in the industry and it’s been a massive privilege and milestone to work with them on my own releases. Huge thanks for all the support of Deadline, Shogun and Elevate over the years and here’s to 15+ more years in the game.

Ekko & Sidetrack

Hey UKF, happy 15th birthday! We love you! 

We appreciate your constant support and advice ❤️ Thanks for always letting us sneak into your offices, distract your staff and work when we are in London.


Happy 15th UKF! Madness, the first tune I remember hearing on UKF Dubstep was ‘Noisses – End Of’ 14 years ago! That ‘Last of the Mohicans’ sample will always remind me of the early days. Here’s to 15 more!

Emily Makis

Happy 15th birthday big Gs! You’ve been a massive support over the years, from High Note to Only You to the rest of the naughty releases you put out. You’ve made such a positive impact on the industry and for that we are truly grateful! HERE’S TO MORE BIRTHDAYS ❤️


Sending a big shout out to UKF on 15 years of representing all sides of dnb, super grateful for all the support they’ve given our music over the years and even getting us on some let it roll live streams back in the day!

Benny V
Happy Birthday Luke & Sampo as UKF continue to push the boundaries at the very cutting edge of our scene. Thanks for helping us Open A Can Of Whoop Ass with Find A Space on our first Souped Up VA album & thank you for helping the launch of Roadblock Records as the dawn breaks with First Sun.


​​Happy Birthday and congrats UKF 🎉 big love for supporting the music and giving a platform to chat with old mate Whisky Kicks in the recent interview 🖤


Happy Birthday UKF. You were one of the first channels I started following when I was getting into bass music. I love to see you still going so strong and I’m excited for what’s still to come in the next 15 years. 


Happy birthday UKF! Luke, I don’t think the influence UKF has had on dance music and dance music culture can be underestimated. You’ve sparked the careers of global superstars and bought joy to literally millions of people. Here’s to another 15 years of UKF! Happy birthday! 🎉🎉🎉


Thank you for 15 years of fire UKF!

Cam Sisterhood

Big love and respect to everyone at UKF. Congratulations on turning 15. With love from Cam and all the Sisterhood Birmingham crew.

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