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CLIQUES have always defied expectations with their music. Refusing to follow a conventional path, they’ve let their hearts guide them, creating authentic sounds that resonate deeply. Over the past three years, they’ve amassed a diverse catalog of over forty tunes, exploring every corner of the drum and bass genre, earning praise from industry heavyweights along the way.

Their latest release is a testament to their commitment to making a difference. Partnering with Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), CLIQUES present “Life Experiences Of…,” a project with a purpose beyond music. With every penny raised going directly to CALM, this EP serves as a beacon of hope and support for those struggling with mental health challenges.

CALM stands united against suicide, a stark reality that claims 125 lives every week in the UK alone. They’re on a mission to change this narrative by offering life-saving support, launching impactful campaigns, and fostering a community of solidarity nationwide. Regardless of background or circumstance, CALM stands with everyone facing life’s hardships, challenging stereotypes and stigma that hinder access to help.

From their informative website to their dedicated helpline, CALM is a lifeline for those in need, offering assistance every single day of the year. With CLIQUES’ support, CALM continues to champion mental health awareness and support, reminding us all that no one has to face their struggles alone.

CLIQUES, in partnership with CALM, are not just making music—they’re making a difference.

We spoke to some of the artists involved in the project.


We put our hearts into this release, life has many highs and lows and “Life Experiences Of…” recognises the journey that we are all on but most importantly speaks directly to those that right at this point in time may be finding life challenging. This isn’t an EP of rave anthems but instead a release that we and all the artists that feature hope will find people when they most need it. 

Using our own life experiences and intertwining them live instrumentation, d&b and features from awesome vocalists and artists, this is our moment to give back and raise awareness for an charity that does truly important work and hopefully find a way for people to connect and talk about what’s truly  going on in their lives.

Working in partnership with CALM and being able to support and raise awareness for the charity and the work they do is an honour. Through this whole process, I [Paul] have had a feeling in my heart that there is one person out there that needs this music and the messages contained in it. As we got deeper into the journey, those feelings only got stronger and I just want to say, whoever you are, I listened, I shared some of the hardest things I’ve experienced and I hope “Life Experiences Of…” finds you and most importantly helps you in some way. 

Genesis Elijah

I’ve lost family and friends to suicide. I wouldn’t wish the amount of time I’ve spent talking people down on anyone but I’m glad these people knew they had me to talk to. This means a lot because it’s real. It not just fake toxic positivity. It’s real life and the reason I contributed to this release and the cause

LU:KE – Debuting on this EP with Cliques has been a pleasure. We’ve all poured our heart and soul into the lyrics, production, and composition. We’ve left blood sweat and tears on that microphone and detailed some things that normally sit locked away inside of us. This EP somewhat released us from those dark memories, thoughts, and moments. And we all hope it can do the same for our listeners.

Grim Sickers – It was a honour to work on this project , I have been changing as man recently, gym, clean eating and spiritual finding myself , this come at a perfect time for me and I thank cliques for involving me – Sickers

Vio.let – Writing strings for this project has been an emotional process, working alongside fantastic vocalists who put into words so many struggles I have faced in the past few years – and that so many of us face, particularly working in the music industry. It’s been a cathartic, existential journey and I hope these tracks lift those who listen as much as they gave me strength while writing.

Sam Sapphire – It was a beautiful and fulfilling experience to join these amazing artists on such a meaningful project and I am grateful & honoured to have been a part of it. 

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