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Original Sin goes back to ballistic basics with new label Energize


Original Sin goes back to ballistic basics with new label Energize

Original Sin returns to his raucous roots this month with brand new label Energize. A platform for the heavier jump-up side of his sound, it launches with long-awaited dub Never Say Die and it’ll singe every hair on your body.

The timing is perfect: Never Say Die lands after a slew of big hitters on RAM Records and a summer where he categorically tore the likes of Boomtown and Let It Roll apart with his signature broadsword bangers. Not to mention a persy arsenal of unreleased weapons such as Tic Tac Toe and Back To The Future. All of which will land on Energize in due course as he plans to fire out these hefty one-track murk missiles each and every month. Here’s where he’s at.

New label. New release. Back to the original Original Sin sound…

Yeah I’m currently sitting on this batch of tracks that do tap back to that original sound for sure. I’d been focusing on my RAM releases a lot but I was making a lot of this stuff on the side and just not releasing it. I’ve never been about one style, so I’ve worked out a new way to put out the heavier stuff as well as the RAM material.

The best of both worlds!

Yeah definitely. What I found was I’d be writing tracks for RAM and then slowly tracks like Never Say Die, or ones I haven’t released yet like Tic-Tac-Toe and Back To The Future, were appearing on my hard drive. They weren’t quite up RAM’s street so this is how Energize came about.

I wanna say you’re back… But you never went away!

No I do feel like I’m back in a way. I’ve got something to say, I’m really happy with my sound. And it’s working too. Boomtown was absolutely mental, like a properly off the hook more than I’ve had in years, and many other shows have too. This is the perfect time to drop all of this new music and do it at my own speed on my own label. Now I’m back to being part of a label and I have my own thing, which is what I’ve had before and I’m really comfortable with.

It keeps us on our toes too

Totally. I want people to hear Real Junglist and Inertia but also want people to hear Never Say Die. If one comes out one month and the other the next then I’m very happy.

Sounds like you got a persy stash to drop at first but will you release other artists on Energize and build a camp?

Eventually I think yeah, you’ve got to be able to forecast that kind of growth. But for now it’s the Original Sin show and will be for the next 4/5 months at least. I’m looking to put out a track once a month. The market is better suited to a constant drip feed of tunes right now. No one has the patience to wait for a EP where one tune’s a banger and the others are ‘meh’. I’d rather just deliver bangers one at a time.

DLR said to me not so long ago that there’s never been a better time to do a DIY label. All the resources are there at your fingertips, now is the time of the indies…

Yeah I was joking the other day that DJ starter kits should include a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. You need to learn Photoshop, Illustrator, some Premier and After Effects or you’re at a disadvantage. I put myself in a kinda 2019 DJ bootcamp. I was never very good at social media and terrible at speaking publicly in front of the camera. I’d done graphic design in college but hadn’t used that skill set for well over a decade. All this manifested in a YouTube channel which forced me into doing things I wouldn’t usually be comfortable with. It’s been quite a learning curve and now with Energize I’m using all these things I learnt. It’s like ‘okay, I can do this’. Before now you’d hire someone for the artwork, a teaser trailer would be out the question budget-wise. You can do so much more and I guess that it’s the most direct pure expression of my art – I did the music, the artwork, the trailer. It’s all down to me.

Yeah complete articulation through every step of the creation and release process

Yeah totally. If I didn’t have those skills I’d have to find other people, have a budget and essentially have to compromise. That’s definitely changed in terms of running your own label compared to when I ran labels in the past.

So Never Say Die is out today. Can we expect the next one in October, then?

Yeah around then. I’ve got a few to pick from. Either Tic Tac Toe or Back To The Future.

Then releases every month…

Yeah and releases on RAM too. I’m happy. RAM are happy as long as they have first dibs on the music but that’s okay because RAM and Energize are two very different labels. And I have to give Cygnus a shout for helping me make Energize a reality.

You seem in really good place musically right now…

Definitely. I’m excited. I can see a gap to fill. A place for me to make music. The rolling sound – or the foghorns as people are calling it – has brought back those running beats that I’ve loved in this music. At the end of the day it’s about making people go insane on the dancefloor and that’s what I’m always happiest doing.

Original Sin – Never Say Die is out on Energize September 20

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