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Dave Jenkins


Playlist: UKF Aggression Session (Special Election Day Update)


Playlist: UKF Aggression Session (Special Election Day Update)

It’s about time we updated our rage-fueled UKF Aggression Session playlist.

If you’re in the UK today you might just need it. We’re facing the tightest election in recent history and many of us are finding the political rhetoric and plastic promises hard to deal with and even harder to relate to.

If that’s not enough, all your friends are screaming at you on social media, urging you to go and do something you were already planning to do.

So here – press play and let these brutal, alarming and ultimately physical blends from BAR9 & PhaseOne, Silent Witness, Knife Party, Eptic and Current Value provide the conduit for any angst you feel today.

Not in the UK? Enjoy these destructive dystopian dynamics anyway!

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