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Ray Keith to Release New Album The Birdman


Ray Keith to Release New Album The Birdman

The living legend that is Ray Keith has blessed us with the news that we can expect a new album from him entitled- The Birdman. The LP  is due to be released in May on his own label Dread Recordings. 

From rare-groove and acid-house through to hardcore and jungle, as a DJ on the breakbeat circuit in the 80s Ray Keith has been a staple part of the drum and bass scene from before it even existed. The Birdman promises to showcase Ray’s years of musical experience mixed with the unique and unprecedented feelings 2020 and 2021’s lockdowns presented for many.

“The Birdman album was actually born from lockdown,” begins Ray Keith. “I made ‘Paradise’ and ‘Amnesia’ during the pandemic which inspired me to get in the studio and make an album reflecting on those times. ‘Paradise’ is a colab with E-LISA, she sang and helped me recreate the stems.”

Being forced to stay home throughout the pandemic many of us had no connection to society beyond our own homes. Music became an invaluable source of strength for many. Some people created music to help understand the uncharted situation in which we found ourselves, while others used internet streams and radio shows like Ray Keith’s weekly broadcast on Origin FM, creating a sense of community. “‘I was playing ‘Paradise’ and ‘Amnesia’ throughout lockdown on my weekly show and they quickly became anthems. I had 500-600 people tuning in every week. Big up Origin FM for letting me have a platform to showcase the music on.”  Ray says.

“I’d like to dedicate this album to everyone that got through the Covid lockdown with the whole stay at home, work at home norm that was back then. We learnt that we needed one another as well as the music to help get us through it. That time spent at home with our families was for most part the best for me as I got to hang out with my two daughters but music definitely helped us get through some of the dark days too. Funnily enough the album got its name ‘The Birdman’ because every morning I’d wake up and feed the birds, which was something I’d not done before that all kicked in.”- Ray Keith

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