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SABRINA’S Top 10 Classic Drum & Bass Bangers


SABRINA’S Top 10 Classic Drum & Bass Bangers


This week sees rising talent SABRINA honouring the foundations and roots of our music with the inaugural edition of her new project – TRIBUTES.

“As most people know, I have a lot of appreciation for all eras of jungle drum & bass, especially the old school sounds,” says the young London artist who joked in our interview with her last year that she plays a lot of records that were made before she was born.

“I wanted to pay homage to the music, artists, labels and others that got me into this music. It’s changed my life. So I felt by doing this is my way of doing so.”

TRIBUTES kicks off this week with a mix from SABRINA as she digs deep into her collection and shows off some of her favourite classic bangers. In the future she promises interviews, collaborations, back-to-back sessions, podcasts and plenty more. One thing is consistent in the series: it’s a celebration of the genre’s history from the early 90s right through to the 2000s when SABRINA was born. For her, it’s not about the age of the track specifically, though, it’s about the vibe and character. 

“I’d say I much prefer the drums back then because of how organic and alive they sound,” she explains. “What I also think really grabs me is how a lot of the tunes back then takes me on a journey, same goes with the mixes. Whether it is a 3-min intro or letting the tunes roll out.”

“There are plenty of songs nowadays that are incredible and moving,” she adds. “But, for some reason, they might not move me the way for example, Valley Of The Shadows does. You know what I mean? I suppose maybe because the tune was made and came from a certain time and place?”

The time and the place is now for SABRINA. Her first TRIBUTES mix is live on YouTube at 7pm, Thursday, January 27. To mark the moment we asked her for 10 timeless classic D&B bangers through the ages. Wheel up and come again…



Marcus Intalex – Red 7 (Soulr) (2007)

“Where do I even begin?! This tune is so special to me. It’s different and stands out. The arrangement of it is a journey itself, which is something I will take in when I’m working on music. Those old school/techno sounds in there are a unique combination too!

“Marcus once said that when it comes to playing out, ‘There are two things; pleasing the crowd and there’s pleasing yourself… It’s all about finding that happy medium…’ And every time I play this track, it does both.”


SpectraSoul – 4 Points (Metalheadz) (2009)

“My partner actually showed me this song! The vocals on this are moving and deep, but also heavy in a ‘must dance to it’ way. Music like this is so important to be played today as it’s got the latest future drum & bass sounds but also clearly ragga/dub/jungle influenced.”


Calibre & High Contrast – Mr Majestic (Signature) (2004)

“Everyone’s favourite! This song holds so much emotion, it always will. I love how euphoric it is, and how it creates this beautiful atmosphere when played at a rave too.”


 John B – Up All Night (Metalheadz) (2001)

“Many many years on, it’s still on repeat in my sets. The energy in this song and how the crowd reacts to is unmatched. What a beauty this one is! Gives me a glimpse of what raving in the 2000’s feel like, which I aim to do in my sets anyways.”


Calibre – Dark Paths (Signature) (2018)

“It’s not a classic but the drop on this is what gets me… The deep dark riffs with the echo-y vocal. It’s sinister. I’d say I have a real appreciation for music that has a lot of depth and detail, although even the most simple-sounding tracks can be equally great!”


Goldie – Inner City Life (Metalheadz) (1994)

“I wasn’t even born when this came out! It is so important that everyone knows and understand this song, how it tells a story from start to finish. It’s revolutionary. I can confirm that a remix of this coming soon is FIRE!”


Aphrodite – Style From The Darkside by Aphrodite (Aphrodite Recordings) (1996)

“Old but gold. Found this at one of the first legal raves I went to when I was still underage! To me this tune is nuts! It’s so strong and energetic and never fails to please the crowd. Listen carefully to the sounds in this song, it’s spectacular.”


Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (Ram Records) (1993)

“Unsure where or when I found this but boy I’m glad I did. Timeless masterpiece. Again, it’s quite sinister and sci-fi-ish but also dreamy. The simple vocals are relatable. It’s super relevant to keep this tune alive after how advanced it sounded when it first came out!”


LTJ Bukem – Atlantis (Good Looking) (1993)

“Another timeless tune…. Ahead of its time. Anyone could play this in the 90s or raves now and it would go off. To me, the 16 Bars before the drop is full of emotion – expressing emotions through sounds. If that even makes sense!”


Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction (Metalheadz) (1995)

“I’d say this is easily the most recognisable and remembered track from the 90s. It’s simple yet so spectacular. The subtle sounds in this too, I’m all over that. For me this is another great example of a ‘happy medium’.”

SABRINA – TRIBUTES is live 7pm Thursday January 27

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