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Dave Jenkins


Skrillex teases new D&B track


Skrillex teases new D&B track

Skrillex is unleashing his inner D&B demons again….

Currently spotted brazenly dropping forthcoming Bou dubs in his festival sets and announcing on Twitter he’s got a bunch of new DJ tools which he’s going “pump out real quick”, this weekend he teased fans with a cheeky clip of an airy, liquid style cut on his Instagram stories. An upstanding member of the Reddit community has kindly captured it for prosterity…

New Skrillex DnB on Instagram Story from r/skrillex

As always with Sonny, it’s a flip on expectations and not what you’d expect from a Skrilly banger at 170. Of course it’s not the first time he’s dabbled in uptempo dark arts; his sets always include D&B, when Pendulum released their remix album he gushed about how Pendulum and Baron records were the first dance tracks that inspired him to become a DJ and his VIP of Dimension’s UK still rears its gully head on the regs.

Plus who can forget his Goin’ Hard remix of Birdy Nam Nam? We uploaded it exactly seven years ago to this day…

This weekend’s D&B tease is the latest in a line of heaters from Sonny Moore who had taken the last few years out of the spotlight. In recent months we’ve been treated to the first new Bog Blood material in five years and an outrageously heavy collaboration with TroyBoi in the form of WARLORDZ. Both on UKF, check them below. We’re interested to see what he brings next…

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