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Studio Survival: Primate


Studio Survival: Primate

Yo! My name is Primate, and I’m gonna give you a quick rundown of my favourite studio gear and number one most used studio equipment! For starters, I’ll add that I’m not a big user of hardware equipment apart from a little midi keyboard and some automation knobs (I just love taking basic sounds and adding loads of effects to design them to my liking!) 

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This leads to today’s pick: The Pro-Q 3 by FabFilter. It might sound weird that I’m picking a basic plugin like an equaliser as my favourite studio software, but trust me, I discovered this beauty about 2-3 years ago and it’s improved my sound and workflow massively. 

FabFilter Pro-Q 3

I’ve been producing for give or take 13 years now, of which I’ve almost always used the stock Fruity Parametric EQ2 by Image-Line, but having made the change to the Pro-Q3, I never looked back, to the point that my songs nowadays don’t even have any stock equalisers on them at all. Don’t get me wrong, a basic equaliser can still do the job, but I’ll give you a little list of why I think the Pro-Q3 is so good.

– It’s super visual.

Besides from visually pleasing to look at, the visual aspect of the Pro-Q3 taught me how to read and perceive frequencies. It’s also possible to use it as a compare tool, where it visually highlights clashing frequencies of different instruments. 

– It’s got key recognition.

In the Q3, there is an option you can enable that allows you to see the exact key and pitch of each frequency you’re working with. This is so good for colouring sounds or adding detail to basses and drum elements, while still keeping a consistent and harmonic mix.

– You can get creative.

Don’t quote me on the exact number, but the Pro-Q3 allows you to boost frequencies as much as +36dB. Combine this with other effects, especially in the lower and mid frequencies, and you can get some really wicked bass sounds and screeches. Trust me, you can’t overdo it. 

– It’s the perfect cleaner.

Last but not least, this EQ has so many specific and cool features. Two of my favourite ones that help me clean in every single mix are the mid/side compatibility, as well as the dynamic mode. 

With the m/s settings, you can clean frequencies specifically in the mono or stereo field, which is so good for cleaning up the low end on things like reeses or cleaning up the washy high end on vocals. Secondly, the dynamic mode allows you to have frequencies react to volume, similar to a compressor, but without 100 detailed knobs. This allows you to get boosts or dips only at times when it’s needed. Is use this on my drumgroups all the time, either to remove sharp percussive edges or to attenuate the drum transients!

The Pro-Q3 is such a powerhouse and in my opinion, it’s a must-have in every producer’s arsenal, whether you’re a bedroom producer or a professional touring the globe. 

As a final remark, I would like to add that I think the price you pay for this amazing tool is kinda up there but definitely worth it. Sitting at €170 for lifetime access to such a game-changing tool is just too good to not get! FabFilter also offers bundles which include some of their other plugins, which are all just as useful. But that’s for another conversation ;D

I hope this was helpful to you lot, and I wish you all a beautiful day! 

See you all soon at the raves 

Love, Primate

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