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Dave Jenkins


#TBT: Camo & Krooked – Tonight


#TBT: Camo & Krooked – Tonight

#TBT: January 8, 2010…Camo & Krooked made their UKF debut – Tonight, taken from their debut album Above & Beyond on Mainframe.

Seven years later…. We’re just months away from eagerly awaited fourth album Mosaik.

It’s been a wild ride between these points including their own unique live show, explorations into disco and two great albums on Hospital. Now releasing on Mosaik Music, a label partnership they’ve forged Ram and BMG, Mosaik is the result of years of studio hardware and writing refinement. In our last interview with them they explained how they aimed for nothing but “pure tones, pure sounds and something that doesn’t sound outdated or overdone in a year or two.”

Early sounds from the album – If I Could / Ember – suggest the near-four year wait for this LP will be worth it.

In the meantime, this…

Camo & Krooked – Tonight

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