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Mike Atkin


Top 10: Metal/Bass Crossovers


Top 10: Metal/Bass Crossovers


This one goes out to all you metalheads out there…

Music is always at its best when the walls of genres are smashed down to create something entirely fresh. Metal and electronic music being a fine example. Ever since the days of industrial metal, studio science and sweaty moshpits have always made firm friends.

Galvanised famously with the chugging riffs of The Prodigy’s Their Law in 1994 and echoed in many forms and flavours ever since, there’s a good reason why many dubstep and drum & bass artists started their musical quests in metal before discovering dance music.

We’re celebrating this relationship right here with 10 of the best examples where both sides of the musical spectrum fuse to create something larger than the sum of its parts.

Plus it’s a Monday… No better day for some bona fide brutal aggression. Don’t let the sun go down without you causing at least two moshpits today.

Boys Noize – Rocky 2

This heavy cut from Boys Noize’s latest full length features an uncompromisingly gritty synth that sounds akin to metal guitar being smashed through a chalkboard. We love it.

Concord Dawn – Raining Blood

Concord Dawn does Slayer way back in 2008. Watch it kick in about 1.40. Ouch!

Datsik – Let it Burn

This gritty track from the Firepower Records boss perfectly combines the best elements of their respective genres. A dead cert head smasher.

Modestep – Snake

More metal than dance music, this one… Modestep’s return after years of silence is as sweaty as it gets. The final throes are straight out of the book of RATM. UKF approves.

Seven Lions – December

Seven Lions lets his well publicised rock influences seep through in this melodic track that features vocals from Davey Havok of American rock band AFI.

Korn Ft Skrillex – Get Up

One of several Skrillex and Korn combos we could have picked. Outrageously heavy.

Pendulum – Self vs Self

This cut from their Immersion album saw the band go full metal, resulting in one of the most distinctive, heaviest tracks Pendulum ever created.

Phuture Doom – Phuneral Phuture

This ever mysterious electronic metal band Phuture Doom could fill the entire top 10, really. This one’s biblical.

Dog Blood – Shred Or Die

Skrillex and Boys Noize have already appeared in the list. Makes sense for a Dog Blood cut to feature here too… Especially when it comes with such an abrasive, twisted metal riff!

Dirtyphonics – Walk in The Fire

This dancefloor destroyer from Dirtyphonics is definitely not for the faint of heart. Mentally prepare yourself beforehand… And if you’re hungry for more, check out their latest EP Write Your Future. Neck breaking material.

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