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Dave Jenkins


Tune Of The Month: March 2015


Tune Of The Month: March 2015

Another month ends, another collection of DJs share a personal favourite…

IMefjus’s take on Ivy Lab’s Sunday Crunk is very popular, scoring fat thumbs up from both Friction and Proxima.

Elsewhere Concord Dawn sheds light on his new Coldwater alias by way of Shadow Child’s powerful subversion of S.P.Y & Total Science, Urbandawn takes us down Good Looking memory lane, Tisoki picks a happy Soundcloud accident and Dr Meaker highlights a smouldering chiller from IYES.

16 selectors, 15 awesome tunes, dig deep…


Tune: Ghastly & Mija – Crank It (feat. Lil Jon)

“We love this because it takes us straight back to the early fidget house days – so good to hear this stuff coming out of the States now!”

Barely Alive

Tune: Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low

“Every once in a while, we hear a tune with a crazy original vibe that just makes you smile and gets stuck in your head for weeks. This is just what happened when we heard this new banger from Valentino Khan on the Jack Ü live stream event. It’s been a favourite of ours since!”

Concord Dawn 

Tune: S.P.Y & Total Science – Guidance (Shadow Child Remix)

“There has been an increasing cross-pollination between jungle/drum and bass and house/techno of late, with many producers slowing things down by 50-odd BPM to great success. Producers as diverse as Kosheen, Marcus Intalex, Evol Intent, Nu Tone, Raiden, Clipz, Black Sun Empire, Ice Minus (and more) have been making waves with aliases at slower tempos. Drum and bass had become a little self-referential for a while there, with a lot of younger producers especially having grown up listening to the same genre they produce. I’ll be having my first release with my Coldwater alias on Shadow Child and Kry Wolf’s label Food Music in the next month or so, and making house and techno lately has been a massive influence on my Gumshoe EP.”

DJ Haus

Tune: Grobbie – Headshot (Samuel Deep Edit)

“Massive club track that dropped last year on one of my favourite labels Slapfunk. They are putting out some insane house music which really captures the sweet spot between garage and classic house whilst sounding 2000% fresh and new at the same time. This is JUST THE BOMB… Don’t sleep on this one.”

Dr Meaker

Tune: IYES – Simmer

“The chords, melodies and harmonies are so sad and soulful. It’s a beautiful track and although I can hear this in my head as an epically produced anthem, it is produced in a demo-esque live lounge style, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Perfect.”


Tune: Ivy Lab – Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix)

“Easily my favourite tune outside of the Shogun camp right now. Ivy Lab’s funk mixed with Mefjus’s next level tech approach… You’ve got an absolute killer unlike most tracks out there. Smasher!”

King Yoof

Tune: Madd Inc VS Sax3 – Everyday feat Papa Levi & Daddy Colonel (King Yoof Remix)

“This is a remix I did for the legendary Saxon Sound’s Papa Levi & Daddy Colonel. I grew up in Lewisham, south east London and Saxon Sounds was what I grew up on. It was an honour to remix them and has been killing it in my sets lately. It’s coming soon on the Bass Selection Volume 2, mixed and compiled by myself.”


Tune: 2DB – Check Out The Bounce

“This is a straight-up dancefloor banger with a nasty bassline that’s great for double-dropping.  We love when Drumsound & Bassline Smith use their 2DB alias and make things extra grimy… last month we were rinsing their tune Terrahawk off the 15 Years of Technique album and now were adding Check Out The Bounce to our arsenal, too.  We predict hearing this one a lot on the dancefloors this spring!”

Mind Vortex

Tune: Culture Shock – City Lights (feat Bryn Christopher)

“You’d expect nothing less than pure class with Culture Shock, and with this track he does not disappoint. We were blown away by the effortless production, and incredible summer vocal vibe… Guaranteed to get any dancefloor moving, this is an absolute must in our sets.”


Tune: Ivy Lab – Sunday Crunk (Mefjus remix)

“Without a doubt one of the filthiest tune of this moment! The phat beat and bass jabs knock you down when it drops, but the funky groove keeps the tune swinging and perfect for the dancefloor. Groovy hip/glitch hop meets stone cold neuro; there’s no better match up in my opinion! The production is absolutely immense as well. But that’s hardly surprising considering it’s Mefjus on the buttons. This undisputable genius shows everybody how it’s done once again! The original is a percy as well…


Tune: Stereoliez – Steeze

“This was for us something that changed our point of view and started the way we’re now working. It was super inspiring mixing different stuff in the same track.”


Tune: MaXD – Slothe

“I accidentally left Soundcloud on in the background and un-muted my laptop to hear this playing through my speakers. It was an amazing surprise. I called 10 people on Skype just to show them this and I’ve been playing it out at shows ever since. The mixdown is SO perfect and it has such a rolling vibe plus the David Attenborough sample makes it comedic whilst still delivering an insane climax. If MaXD doesn’t blow up this year I will eat my shoes.”


Tune: Seba & Lotek – So Long

“I was travelling in Trindade (a small beach village in Rio De Janeiro) and this timeless classic was on my playlist for the trip. It’s so impressive how natural and synergistic this track sounds in natural environments. So Long has been on repeat since then!”


Tune: DRS – The View

“This tune is really something special… You know a song is good when you can’t stop listening to it! The reception it’s received, even before its release, goes to show how well remembered it will be in time… Something very few pieces of music are capable of nowadays.”


Tune: Kandy – Afreaking (AB The Thief Remix)

“Just discovered this guy recently and I’m super into his music at the moment. I’m not usually into trap because I think a lot of people get it wrong, particularly the 808 sub, but I think this guy nails it. Really dope stuff.”


Tune: Noisia – The Tide

“I remember when this first came out, it was a real ‘oh my god’ moment for me, it just blew me away. The science fiction intro which slowly builds in intensity to reveal some of the most incredible sound design and bass sounds which still sound as fresh as ever today. What I love the most are the clever edits that are sprinkled in and around the tune, they’re glitchy and intricate and I never tire of listening to them. It’s a constant source of inspiration. I was stoked to find out that this was remastered recently for the ten years of Vision compilation which is out now.”

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