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Who The Hell Is Enjoii?


Who The Hell Is Enjoii?

Since launching last year Kareful and LTHL’s Liquid Ritual imprint has proved itself to be an absolute wave goldmine. Eight months and 12 releases deep, the label has been tidal-like in its nature with  forefront-focused cuts from the likes of Laire, Vacant, Deadcrow and many more adding to its oceanic sound and aesthetic.

The latest act to make a splash on the label is Poland’s Enjoii AKA Ernest Sernik. After a consistent string of scene-supported downloads such as Kate, Obsess and Not Alone, this month he made his official EP debut with Life Alone. Like all the best material oozing out of the ever-growing wave movement, all four tracks are premium melting pot blends comprising multiple flavours ranging from drum & bass to witch house. Also in-keeping with one of wave music’s most enduring characteristics, there’s a strong sense of emotional investment in the production as a poignancy and delicate tension groans deep throughout his swaggering, smouldering, low-end rumbled designs.

Understand his past and how he came to arrive at this point, however, and it’s no surprise the music hits with such an emotive richness: production has been a vital path out of a much darker chapter for Ernest and has become a playground for his expressions and feelings. To put it simply, music saved Enjoii’s life. Get acquainted…

Life Alone is your official debut EP, right?

Yeah. Well my first EP was a drum & bass one but that never actually came out.

Was D&B first music passion?

Oh no. Metal was my first passion! But then a friend played me dubstep and drum & bass and I fell in love with it instantly.

When was this? And which artists really stand out?

Maybe seven or eight years ago. 2011. The artist I fell for the most, and still listen to every day, was Burial. I felt so connected with him. I don’t know how to say this but he felt like my personal god or meds for my life.

So how did production come into this?

I was in hospital for a while and my friend brought me FL studio, put it on my laptop and I started playing with sounds. Nothing serious at first but to create something from nothing was very inspiring

What put you in hospital if you don’t mind me asking?

I was in recovery because of drugs. I’m clean now and have been so for a long time. My friends gave me so much support and inspired me in so many ways. Music and learning production was a way out of many problems and gave me hope.

Things must have been very dark before?

Yes. Very dark. But we go through these things and develop as humans.

It’s the power of music!

It’s had a very influential influence in my life, yes.

So when did things start to get serious?

Maybe two years ago. Before that I was just exploring what I could do. But it’s when I started playing with different tempos and styles. I was making drum & bass but, to be honest, I wasn’t very good production wise. It was the witch house movement that led me down the deeper musical path. Have you heard of witch house?

Yeah. There are quite a few similarities between witch house and wave music

Exactly. I got super into this movement and got into making beats. It’s so much fun. I can put my emotions in there. I was finding it hard to put my emotions in drum & bass.

There’s more space and depth in the slower, deeper styles…

Exactly. So much more space; it’s a luxury to explore.

How big is the wave scene in Poland?

We don’t have many parties, but I want to say that it feels like the beginning of this movement. People are spreading the word. Poland has always been big into bass music. Up until recently it’s been trap and drum & bass. But when witch house came along it influenced the next generations. A lot of producers here are experimenting with wave… there will be more parties in the future I am sure.

How did you hook-up with Kareful?

We played together at Czelusie Festival last summer We played with MYSTXRIVL, who is one of Poland’s top beats and wave producers. But my track Kate was the trigger. I got some nice feedback and was surprised when Kareful sent me a message on Facebook. He liked the track and asked me if I wanted to make an EP for Liquid Ritual. It was quite surprising he was even listening. Someone from the UK being so supportive wasn’t what I expected. Kareful and guys like him are much more supportive of new talent than I thought they might be.

Wave seems to be built on that type of ethos. It’s very community minded

Yeah definitely. In other genres bigger guys ignore you but it’s not that way in wave. It’s evolving in a different way. It is a community, you’re right.

So what’s next?

I’ve got some more things almost finished. They’re a bit lighter than my previous things but they’re a development from what I’ve done. They’ll be coming out soon. I want to work more on them. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality, right so there’s no release date – when they’ll finish they’ll come out. There’s no need to hurry these things, right?

Enjoii – Life Alone is out now on Liquid Ritual 

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