A Hundred Drums – If I Have To (ft. Saule)

A Hundred Drums – If I Have To (ft. Saule) πŸ”Š
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If I Have To lyrics:
Hear the winds collide make a nice tune
It just coincides with the light shroom dose and
We can spend the night in the nice room
I could tell a lie
Only if I have to
If I have to
Only if I have to
If I have to
Baby I’m looking out for you watch over my soul
Since we reshaped these bars
Laid on my heart two scars
Can someone please explain how you can go too far
When you’re not halfway there
Lost at large
En’stoned on my bedroom floor
When you mend too slow
I’m sure that it helps the sun shine
Whole, I’m glad you know
Not afraid to show
We can help
we can make you numb and
Once again I came back for you
Once again we got the track for you
We could make the world roar
Or live in silence on the shore
Stand aside I’ll go to bat for you
Don’t act so surprised love
Try to recognize life love
That’s just why this life’s fun
you lose a little then you lose more before you win some
Oh baby what you been saying
We could bet it all It doesn’t matter what we playing
oh lately I’ve been so jaded
I could bet it all
But only if i have to

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