Billie – Give Me The Knife (Keeno Dub Mix)

Med School’s very own Keeno stepping up on this cinematic remix of the Billie’s “Give Me The Knife” – the debut solo single from the vocalist who turned Netsky’s “We Can Only Live Today” into a rightful anthem – turning it from a electro-pop gem into this smooth drum & bass roller.

Quote from Keeno himself –
“I thoroughly enjoyed taking on the challenge of remixing Billie’s “Give Me The Knife” – managing to
retain the essence of the track whilst incorporating my own ‘Keeno’ sound. I wanted to highlight
Billie’s vocals so thought it best to strip back the track to its essentials, combining them with clean
drums and a simple bassline. Resisting the temptation to add more and more elements was tricky but
once the main sections were finished, the remix came together very quickly. I’m proud of the results
and I hope Billie and the UKF crowd like it as much as I do! “

Check out the original pop track here →

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