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Camo & Krooked “Between The Lines” – Released 19.03.2012

Camo & Krooked return to the fore with “Between The Lines”; an immense
fourteen-track remix album which takes their award-winning debut on
Hospital “Cross The Line” to a whole new level fresh for
2012.Featuring remixes from such artists as: High Maintenance, BCee,
InsideInfo, Submorphics, Metrik, Mind Vortex, Smooth, Sub Zero, Fred V
& Grafix, Funtcase and Dead Battery, as well as some exclusive tracks
from the boys themselves, the album draws on talent new and old and
touches on a range of different sounds and styles for the ultimate
remix package.

Amongst the selection we have the liquid, lilting atmospheric remix of
“Afterlife” from BCee, the dark, tech-y twisted take on “Anubis” by
InsideInfo and the deeper sounds of Submorphics’ “Change Me”.
Alongside this is the gritty, jump up flavour of Sub Zero’s re-work of
“Run Riot”, the magnificent distortions of Mind Vortex’s remix of
“Cryptkeeper” and the exuberant, synth-screeching cacophony of
Funtcase’s remix of “Hot Pursuit”. Fellow Hospital signings Fred V &
Grafix take the torch and step up with a lush, twinkling take on “All
Fall Down (feat. Shaz Sparks)”.

Original material from Camo & Krooked themselves includes “Dusk To
Dawn”, “Further Away” and a savvy slower tempo re-work of “In The
Future (feat. Jenna G and Futurebound)” which becomes “Lost In The

01 Get Dirty (Smooth remix)
02 Lost In The Future
03 Dusk To Dawn
04 Afterlife (BCee remix)
05 Cross The Line (Metrik remix)
06 Anubis (Inside Info remix)
07 Further Away
08 Run Riot (Sub Zero remix)
09 Cryptkeeper (Mind Vortex remix)
10 All Fall Down (Fred V & Grafix remix)
11 Hot Pursuit (Funtcase remix)
12 Watch It Burn (High Maintenance Remix)
13 Change Me (Submorphics remix)
14 Hot Pursuit (Dead Battery remix)

15 Menace (Mefjus remix)
16 Portal (Subwave remix)
17 Make The Call (dnb mix)
18 The Lesson (Body & Soul vs Fourward remix)
19 Hot Pursuit (Cazio remix)

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