Dubba Jonny – What Have You Got (Official Video)

Available exclusively on UKF Bass Culture (iTunesUK): http://bit.ly/nhSQKw
iTunes International (Download): http://bit.ly/qfIN7y
Amazon (2xCD): http://amzn.to/qzvps1
HMV (2xCD): http://bit.ly/oHf3bO
ASDA (2xCD): http://bit.ly/nYZcKs

Dubba Jonny’s latest release – forthcoming exclusively on the UKF Bass Culture album, available from the 31st July.

Become a fan of Dubba Jonny: http://www.facebook.com/dubbajonny

Shot & Edited by Chai Rolfe

Antics & Tail Wiggles by Holle Knowles

For more music vids and promotional shorts visit http://www.youtube.com/user/crackingpictures


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