Fred V & Grafix Back2Back Episode 2

Hospital Records’ Fred V & Grafix are the next duo to take on our Back2Back challenge, where we find out just how much they know about each other.

Fred V & Grafix – Forest Fires (feat. Etherwood) [Etherwood Remix] http://youtu.be/SZZC4a6L7CQ
Fred V & Grafix – 3D Glasses http://youtu.be/2Wz0AW5bVjU

Get Fred V & Grafix – Unrecognisable: https://www.hospitalrecords.com/shop/release/fred-v-grafix/nhs264-unrecognisable

Check out the previous episode with Toyboy & Robin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv1cIkjjJBM&list=PLnk-kvXqq0FwNN8MBqGx__YT_NxQ1DSqi

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