Friction – Freak (ft. Josh Barry) (Official Video)

Friction teams up with vocalist Josh Barry on his latest bittersweet euphoric single, Freak.

Support on iTunes: http://ukf.me/freakit-yt
Spotify: http://ukf.me/freaksp-yt
Google Play: http://ukf.me/freakgp-yt
Beatport: http://ukf.me/freakbp-yt

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Josh Barry
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Director: Brendan Cleaves
Producer: James Cross
Production Company: Defunct Films
Executive Producer: Scott Altman
Director of Photography: Laura Billingham
Focus Puller: Ben Banayo
Make Up Artist: Claire Addicott
Make Up Assistant: Katie Adamson
Production Assistant: Amelia Sweeney
Cast: Axel Kaae, Amaranthe Partridge, Stella Anderson, Victoria Otter, King Tshikeva, Sid D’Hant, Zoe Watson, Abigail Coniah, Elena Naidenova, Michael McClare, Elizabeth McNally, Tony Serrano, Modu Sesay and Max Liquistics
Editor: Greg Hayes
Colourist: Jason Moffat
Runner: Tamara Lenz
Directors Representation: Defunct Films
Commissioner: Craig Haynes
Label: Elevate