Hamilton – Deep In My Heart (Official Video)

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Hamilton’s ‘Soundboy’ was one of the stand out tracks featured on Andy C’s ‘Nightlife 5’ compilation, while the VIP version tore apart clubs from London to Lisbon. Meanwhile last year’s ‘Brainstorm’ / ‘Echoes’ set Hamilton apart as one of the hottest producers the drum & bass scene has to offer. It’s no surprise then that this, his latest single for Ram Records, contains an undeniably epic pair of tracks that are filled with all the hallmarks you’d expect from a producer of Hamilton’s calibre.

‘Deep In My Heart’ leads the way, infused with twinkling melodies, infectious vocal samples and euphoric build ups that will make you fall in love with Hamilton’s music. Romance will be the last thing on your mind though when the warping bassline sucks you into another world. Before long your body will respond to the rolling beats and your heart will direct your feet straight to the dance floor.


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