Keeno – At Twilight

Taken from Keeno’s forthcoming Futurist LP, At Twilight is available for download now:

Keeno’s back with a grand gesture. Succeeding his outstanding debut album, “Life Cycle”, the “Futurist” LP soars through sixteen tracks with boundless finesse.

Keeno thrives with his cinematic and orchestral offshoots of drum & bass, silken smooth soundscapes and deep weighty bass.

Opening track “Faithless” sets the scene with elegant and epic string sections jumping into a playful arrangement. With serious drum-work in place vocal talents Oscar Corney, MC Fava and Alice Gasson bring tracks “Lifeline”, “Perspective” and “A Breath” to life with tight harmonies and rich, velvet tones. Keeno hasn’t held back in “Dream Sequence”, “At Twilight” and “Futurism” with majestic grandeur travelling seamlessly through star-lit journeys of sound and space.

The growth and musical virtuosity of this young talent has flourished since signing to Med School back in 2013. By uniting his high-end production skills and classical training in a multitude of instruments Keeno has quenched the thirst of drum & bass lovers across the globe.

Last year Keeno took a leap of faith, deciding to leave his full time education behind to set his sights on what is sure to be a long career ahead in music. It’s abundantly clear this was the right choice – “Futurist” embodies everything we’ve come to expect from this exceptionally talented young producer.

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