Lenzman – Wordsworth

Available to buy from the 4th June on Metalheadz.

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Following on from Jubei and Flowdan’s immense single, ‘Say Nothing,’ comes another of Metalheadz’ core artists with a perfectly produced release. Currently working on his debut album, Lenzman has already crafted a string of incredible tracks for Headz that have seen him garner the attentions of tastemakers such as BBC Radio 1’s MistaJam alongside the drum & bass ruling class of elite DJs. And ‘How Did I Let U Go?,’ Lenzman’s latest single is undoubtedly going to continue his well-deserved run of success.

Teaming up with friend, long-term collaborator and hugely successful D&B vocalist, Riya, Lenzman once again provides an impeccably put together backdrop to match her sweet vocal talents. Rolling breakbeats and gentle synths open for twinkling piano lines that Riya rides effortlessly across, creating a beautifully relaxed and emotive piece of drum & bass. Fans of Lenzman and Riya’s previous collaborations will not be disappointed here, ‘How Did I Let U Go?’ is more than a worthy successor to the likes of ‘Open Page,’ offering graceful class that seeps from every musical pore.

Topping the standout beauty of the A side is no mean fete, but Lenzman’s years of experience shine through on ‘Wordsworth,’ a track which stands up perfectly to ‘How Did I Let U Go?,’ without overshadowing it. Stepping beats and washing pads are overlaid with snippets of male vocals before a signature Lenzman bassline gets the floor shaking. As the track builds and grows it pulls you along with it, morphing and changing all the way through but never feeling forced or contrite.

This single shows just how far Lenzman has come as a producer. His signature style is ever present, never in your face or desperate for your attention, this is mature music, impeccably put together and effortlessly delivered and promises incredible things for Lenzman’s album later in the year.

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