Tantrum Desire – What Is Your Desire (Ft. I-Kay) (Official Video)

Pre-order now: http://bit.ly/TDIkayDesire
Released 11th November on Technique Recordings.
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Available on ‘What Is Your Desire’ FT I-Kay 4 track EP

1. What Is Your Desire Ft I-Kay (Radio Edit)
2. What Is Your Desire Ft I-Kay (Dance Floor Pressure Mix)
3. What Is Your Desire Ft I-Kay (Kinzy Remix)
4. I Am Unicron


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Production Company – FLEX

Director/Editor – Samuel Hurlock
Producer – Sean Leishman
Director of Photography – Jay Waldon
Camera Operator – Joe Beverley
Animator 1 – Dan Ruiz
Animator 2 – Loren Sunderland

Fighter 1 – Kirby Berger
Fighter 2 – Dale Elkilany


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