The Evolution Of The Bass Drop: UK Bass with TQD

This video is brought to you by Desperados Inner Tequila Studios in partnership with UKF.

TQD take us through The Evolution of the Drop in UK Bass by picking out huge tunes from across the garage, grime and bassline scenes.

This summer, Desperados and UKF are on a mission, to go in search of the ultimate drop. We kicked off with The Prototypes live in the mix (https://ukf.me/protointhemix) and now we bring you The Evolution of the Drop.

This three-part mini-series with key artists in different scenes taking us through seminal tracks and how they show the evolution of the drop in that genre. TQD take us through UK Bass drops, and coming soon we have SKisM showcasing the evolution of the drop in Dubstep, and The Prototypes bringing us the most influential drum & bass drops.

More info: http://ukf.com/droplabs

Watch Prototypes In The Mix: https://ukf.me/protointhemix

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