The Qemists – Hurt Less (Official Video)

The second single taken from the forthcoming second album from The Qemists ‘Spirit In The System’ released 7 July (Japan) / 16 August (EUR) / 24 August (N.America).

The Qemists website: http://www.theqemists.com

‘Hurt Less’ and is about having two sides to your personality. There is a light side and a dark side that can be exaggerated when we drink too much, party too much or allow our fun and relaxation to turn into regret and paranoia. This video is based on the idea that we keep this little monster locked up inside us and given the right circumstances it breaks free. I tried to think of the most innoccent person I could, a young girl, and what happens when other people’s fun brings out the dark side in her. There are references to Let The Right One In – I loved the idea of these relatively innocent looking actors could do angry things.

The girl was Ola Krzemieniecka she’s a 16 year Polish Twae Kwon Do champion. Her father is a famous Polish stunt coordinator who helped us out with the fight sequence at the end. We shot the whole film in an estate in Praga on the East Side of Warsaw, Poland. It actually is quite a rough part of Warsaw and the crew were quite nervous about us filming there. They definitely wanted us to finish before it got dark…

Director: Keith McCarthy
Production Company: Mister McCarthy
Service Company: Papaya Films (Poland)
Producers: Adrian Mocko, Sebastian Jurczek
Editor: Jens Prausnitz
DOP: Mikolaj Lebkowski