10 Of The Best/Worst EDM Christmas Songs


What’s better than the holidays and dance music? The two of them together, obviously!

Chelsea Burka and I have teamed up to bring you the best and worst of EDM Christmas songs. We’ve scored awesome tracks out of five candy canes, and the awesomely terrible tracks out of 5 lumps of coal. Play the good ones when you want to rock around the Christmas tree, or blast the terrible ones when you’re trying to drive your relatives out of the house. It’s our gift from us, to you.


DJ Nico – Last Christmas

This seems like a trance track Armin would play in his house during the holidays. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s sort of just there and makes you feel like you’re playing a Christmas edition of Mario Kart. Also, Last Christmas seems to be the most remixed Christmas song out there, and it’s a pretty hard 6/10 to begin with and we’re not sure how anyone could really make it better.

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Bing Crosby – White Christmas (Kaskade Remix)

We would totally listen to this while decorating the Christmas tree… It makes us feel festive and groovy. We could even see this playing in Macy’s in Herald Square in New York during the holidays. We dig the Kaskade beat here too, matched with the original vocals keeps it super festive.

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Cascada – Last Christmas

How could we make a list of some of the most cheesy holiday songs and not include the Mariah Carey of dance music? Oh Cascada…how your cheese never fails. It’s really so bad that it’s kind of catchy… Almost. The melody does however sound like my little brother experimenting the first day he got his synthesizer. If you get a chance to watch the music video, check out 1:50-2:30 ish, what a lovely story.

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Jesse Slayter & Wuki – Rock Them Bells

Adore this song! Talk about taking Christmas music to the next level. Leave it to Diplo to create an album full of the most traditional songs gone rogue. I would actually take this song out on a boombox and go caroling. And who doesn’t love Deck The Halls? So Jolly.

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Aquadrop – Troll the Halls

Here’s another track from the Very Very Decent Christmas album. The “Ho Ho Ho” in the song rocks my world. Half of me wants to dress up like an elf and dance around my living room decorating, and the other half of me wants to give Santa a lap dance. Talk about conflicting emotions. But it’s still awesome.

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Stephen Walking – Sleigh Ride

With keeping the traditional Sleigh Ride tune, this remix has created a more funky, festive party beat that’s simple yet quite lovely. It’s hard not to smile when you hear the tune and the entirety of the song just catapults you into festive holiday cheer.

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Televisor – We Wish You a Merry Christmas

OH SO FUNKY! We wish you a merry jam sesh with this one. Perfect balance of holiday cheer and jolly bounce capped off with a funky beat and you’re good to go! Bring on the rum and Egg Nog!

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Davoodi – The Nutcraka

This song is truly creepy, but in a good way. It reminds us of the Sugar Plum fairy twirling in pointe shoes to ballet’s most famous theme song, but when the bass line drops the ballerinas twerk their tutus off. This was a pretty hard song to make cool, and it’s not like we’re going to be playing this all year round, but once again Mad Decent earns mad props.

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Hellberg – Jingle Bells

If Christmas were a music festival, this would be the anthem. Not only is Jingle Bells one of the most popular songs of Christmas time, this track has such a great beat and bassline. It’s just big room awesome. Queue the fireworks.

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Black and White – Carol of the Dubs

This remix of the classic Carol of the Bells frankly sounds demonic. Dubstep goes with most things… But not Christmas carols. Careful playing this tune around Grandma.

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