“1000% I’m gonna play exclusives” – Swindle makes his Miami debut with UKF


Swindle, arguably one of the funkiest creative individuals to emerge from UK bass music to date, is set to make his Miami Music Week debut. And he’s doing it with UKF.

On Sunday March 30 he’ll be appearing alongside the likes of A-Sides, Buku, Dirtyphonics, Distal, Savant, Truth, Kastle, Pegboard Nerds and whole load more. Squeezed in between shows in Las Vegas and Toronto, he’ll be skidding to halt at The Clevelander to drop a whole host of exclusives…

“1000% I’m playing exclusives,” he grins. “The stuff I’ve been playing over here has not been heard anywhere else. I made a load of music before my current tour started because I knew I’d get studio withdrawal for six weeks. I overdosed before I came!”

Word on Swindle Street is that some of this new material could possibly end up on the follow up to last summer’s agenda-setting album Long Live The Jazz. An album so entrenched in funk, it spawned a full live band who are best witnessed on this recent Boiler Room session.

“The band was going to be a one off for the launch party but it was so popular we’ve been invited to do some really cool shows,” he explains. “It’s something I really want to develop for my next album. I’m experimenting with so many different ideas and musicians right now. I want to take my time over it. But at the same time I’m hungry! I let the music direct the business rather than the business direct the music. If that makes sense?”

It makes perfect sense to UKF. And sometimes the music directs you to some crazy places… Like booking the first flight back home to meet your inspiration. Such is the case when Swindle was called mid-tour with a message that funk forefather George Clinton was in London.

swindle and george clinton

“George Clinton is the biggest reason I do what I do!” grins Swindle. “He’s such an inspiration. When I heard he was in London I caught the next flight home. I got to give him my album. How cool is that? To meet someone who’s inspired me and letting him I know I exist… It’s unbelievable. Going into the studio to meet him was like going to the real Santa’s grotto. You know? It wasn’t a networky thing. It was just meeting a guy. A guy who’s influenced everything I’ve done and every way I’ve tried to take my music next level. The funk, bringing the party to the stage… Everything.”

Make sure you catch Swindle bringing the party to the stage on Sunday March 30 at The Clevelander, Miami for UKF’s debut pool party.

In the meantime, here he is with Joker as 040…