3 Early Signs That Flux Pavilion’s Album Will Be Awesome

Flux Pavilion

HEADS UP! Flux Pavilion is working on an album…

… And there’s a very strong chance it might slap on a whole new level!

“It’s coming out next year,” he reveals. “I’ve written 15 tunes but I want to write more and create the best album I possibly can.”

With quite a wait to go, we’d advise you not to hold your breath quite yet. In the mean time he’s got a whole host of singles and reversions including a remix of Skrillex’s Recess and co-labs with the likes of Sway and Steve Aoki.

Following that – and heaps more material of his own and his equally talented crew at Circus – the album will drop in early 2015, and THIS is what Flux has told us about it so far…

I want to make the music that gets ME excited!

He’s studying the masters

“I’m loving Spotify at the moment. It’s so much fun, it can be intimidating with the amount of music you have access to. You don’t know where to start!

I’ve been listening to a lot of Grandmaster Flash and Mele Mel and original hip-hop. I’ve been listening to loads of classic funk and soul, too. Basically I spend most of my time listening to everything outside of EDM. I love dance music, but there’s so much exciting music out there.

I’ve returned to the classic music to see how that makes me feel. How it affects me. I want to concentrate on feeling rather than sound. I don’t want to make a sound that feels current; I just want it to feel great. People like The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim and the Chemical Brothers are the greats for a reason… They just wrote music that has transcended genres, they don’t write things to sound cool or relevant, they just write great music. That’s my challenge. That’s my goal. I want to make that exciting music. I want to make the music that gets ME excited!”

He remains a massive advocate of electronic music

“I want to be open. I want to represent the very best electronic music and great composition. I still find it mad that some people still dis electronic music and say it’s not musical enough or real music.

I say ‘fuck that!’ I play guitar, I play drums, I play saxophone but I don’t play them as much any more because I can get so much more creative freedom from making music electronically than I can with a classic instrument!

Innovation comes from disregarding what the trends are. The only way you can creatively move forward is fundamentally ignoring trends and flavours and doing your own thing. People identify that in your music and appreciate that.”

And he hasn’t turned his back on dubstep

“You see how things blow up and become ‘cool’ before dying down again. I’ve seen it with trap and we’ve seen it recently with big room house. It’s made me realise that those sounds aren’t ones I want to make. I don’t want to make big room house, it’s not what inspires me like dubstep did when I first got into this.

Every time I’ve asked anyone if they don’t like dubstep, they always say no. It’s so funny. People are like ‘dubstep’s dead, what’s going on with that?’ I say ‘well do you like it?’ They’re like ‘of course!’ Well then it’s not dead!

Actually, let me put it another way: I play house tunes in my set and they don’t go off. I play a dubstep tune and it still kicks off massively. The media is saying it’s over but out here in the real world, playing the shows, I see the same thing I’ve seen for years – people loving are still loving dubstep!”

Watch out for: Skrillex – Recess (Flux Pavilion Remix) released this month. Then Get Me Outta Here with Steve Aoki due next month.