3 Reasons To Fall In Love With Kill Paris

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Last week we uploaded the brand new version of Kill Paris’s Falling In Love Again. Revised and restructured by emerging disco damagers Bees Knees and KP himself; this slinky, sexy new version adds a whole new chapter to the original narrative that was released this time last year.

We caught up with the man himself to find out the story behind this summer-anthem-in-waiting. He had plenty to tell us: Falling In Love Again is the tip of a creative iceberg and he reckons by early next year we’ll be vibing to a brand new Kill Paris album. He’s already knee deep in the throes of this long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s The Beginning and we can’t wait to hear it. But long before this drops, he’ll be developing his new label Sexy Electric and nurturing a small handful of artists in the process.

What with the title of the track – and the fact that over 90 per cent of his material has romantic or plain sexy connotations – we posed one question: what was the last thing Kill Paris fell in love with?

“My new home,” grins Kill Paris. Real name Corey Baker, his artist name is a direct critique at the person and not the city.“I’ve just moved to Boulder Colorado. The community is very encouraging of the arts and it’s gorgeous! It’s like looking at a beautiful landscape painting every time you look out of the window. Plus the crowds are more willing to hear new stuff and the music scene is more rooted… There’s more focus on the groove and bass. It’s not just about the bangers. Finding a house here happened within two weeks. It was a very fast change and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

That’s what Corey has fallen in love recently. Now these are three reasons why you might fall in love with him, too…

He’s introduced us to Bees Knees…

Bees Knees are great kids! They’ve got such a great style; very disco, very melodic, lots of late 70s, early 80s influences. They’re signed to my new label Sexy Electric and will have an EP coming out in the summer.

I’m really excited for them and excited for what we’re doing together. They’re super super talented. I actually taught one of them Ableton lessons for a couple of months while I lived in LA. We connected musically, he’s a smart kid and we had a lot of fun. After hearing his music and hearing what he does musically it was a no brainer to help them out and give them a platform.

I wanted to do a new version of Falling In Love Again. Something different. So I gave all the remix stems to the Bees Knees, they sent it back and I thought Oh My God! It was exactly what I wanted it to be. I didn’t want to put out an extended mix. I wanted to add a totally different flare to it. And this was it.”

His label Sexy Electric is shaping up to be something very special…

I think a lot of labels don’t help develop artists because they have so many of them. A label loses its personality that way.

“The whole idea is to push new artists we feel are doing something unique. People who I feel have the same approach as me… I don’t want to make something that sounds like other people. Why put time into something you’re not personally passionate about? I do music so I don’t have to do a real job. If I’m busy trying to sound like someone else then that’s a real job. I just want to have fun and be creative and do something that means something to me. Sexy Electric will be home to artists who share that same spirit.

We’re not planning on signing a whole army of people, either. I just want a few key artists and give them everything they need to be as successful as they can. It’s more like an old school label in that way: just a few artists who are all different in their own right and all very very talented. People like Bees Knees and Alma.

I think a lot of labels don’t help develop artists because they have so many of them. A label loses its personality that way. Sexy Electric is an aspiration of mine and I’ll never lose focus of what’s inspired me to do this. Everything will be totally free, too. You don’t have to give up anything to get the music.”

Speaking of free music…

All you can do is put your heart into something and making sure it means something to you. I honestly believe that people hear that.

“That’s how I got my break! It doesn’t make sense to get someone to pay for your music if they’ve never heard you before. If you have the money and want to buy a physical copy, great, but I think it’s more beneficial to get it out to as many people as possible. If someone likes it, they’ll share it. And if their friends like it, they’ll share it. It’s a domino effect. And it works!

Plus people are going to get it for free regardless. People who listen to electronic music are handy with computers so they’re going to get it for free anyway. So why not give it to them directly so they don’t have to go some dodgy torrent or Russian site?

I’m really not worried about album or unit sales. It doesn’t make a difference to me. I want people to hear my music: a couple of bucks are neither here nor there. I also think it keeps you on your toes creatively; you don’t know how well it will do… All you can do is put your heart into something and making sure it means something to your. I honestly believe that people hear that.”


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  • I really don’t understand artists saying they “don’t care about sales”…Seems to infer that track sales do nothing for their income or standard of living: that money isn’t an obstacle in their life anymore. If that’s the case, then thank you for being upfront, but I’m not going to be investing my extremely limited income to someone who isn’t even appreciative of it.

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