3 Things You Didn’t Know About Camo & Krooked

Camo & Krooped

Let’s kick off with a few things we do know about Camo & Krooked …

They’re from Austria.

Their album Zeitgeist was arguably one of the best electronic albums released last year.

They rock.

Now we’re all up to speed, let’s find out a few things you might not know about the boundary-smashing, disco-loving, bass-mastering duo…

They were united by a skateboarding event organiser

It’s a well-documented fact that, in a previous life, the producer super-duo were big boarders. Over the years they took part in over 50 boarding contests and Camo once came 11th in the Skateboarding World Cup. So it’s natural they met through the sport, too…

“It was 2007 and we actually met through skateboarding in my home town,” states Krooked. “The event organiser knew we both played drum & bass but we didn’t know each other. We started talking and decided we might work well together in the studio.”

They performed in a giant disco ball

Camo & Krooked have won various awards over the years, including Best Producer and Best Album at last year’s Drum&BassArena Awards. Their 2010 score at the native Amadeus Awards, however, takes the biscuit…

“We won a very prestigious award in Austria once,” Camo tells us. “The Amadeus award. They wanted us to play in a big disco ball so we came down from the ceiling in this big ball and played a historical electronic music set with tunes from Kraftwerk, New Order, Moby, Prodigy then drum & bass. After that we were joined by a heavy metal band called Boon and a folk band called Die Jungen Zillertaler. We all played together. It worked well musically but we wouldn’t do it again…”

They really are stupidly talented!

Bad workmen blame their tools. Cast your mind back to 2010 and can you ever recall Camo & Krooked moaning about their low budget studio gear? We can’t. Great artists can work on any canvas, as proved by this – easily the best – fact we learnt from Camo & Krooked…

“We produced our first album Above & Beyond only on headphones,” says Camo. “We had crappy soundcards and not very much equipment at all. We sometimes listen to the album and think ‘how did we actually do it?’