3 Things You Didn’t Know About Daleri


One of 2013’s most interesting electronic music stories, Daleri were responsible for the Epic Mashleg. A minute-long EDM-snubbing slice of satire it scored props from the likes of Tiesto and Deadmau5.

Ruffling feathers and causing major gameplay re-evaluation in its wake, the duo then went on to show producers how creative electro can be with their ridiculously funky Hysteria. The equally insane video is exclusive to UKF.

We caught up with the Swedish duo last year in the second episode of our Radar series. Here are few facts we learnt that didn’t make the final cut:

1. Both Eric and Robert are so competitive that Eric sometimes has to change parts in their tracks without telling Robert. Otherwise, it might be impossible to ever finish a tune!

2. Eric has been a professional soldier as a squad leader for the Swedish marines for four years.

3. Robert has an amputated finger! It happened as he watched his grandfather working the basement. Suddenly his older brother closed the hatch by mistake and the finger wasn’t a part of Roberts body anymore. Needless to say he looks quite funny playing the piano.

Find out loads more about the duo on our Radar episode: