3 Things You Didn’t Know About Dodge & Fuski

Dodge & Fuski


And read this…

We’ve loved Dodge & Fuski since day one. Hailing from Bristol – UK’s second city of bass – they first appeared on the UKF network with the seismic Aerophobia in 2011. Flexing serious production muscle with every release, their sound transcends any standard genre pigeonholery as it switches mischievously between 100BPM funk-sizzled sonic slugs to rampant, roguish 140 slammers. Regardless of tempo, each production is ably executed with serious attention to detail, humorous flourishes and unavoidable weight.

Currently working on an album, that they hope to be with us by Autumn 2014, their latest audio adventure is the incredible Stop What You’re Doing EP. We got the title track right here:

There isn’t even a word in the dictionary that captures just how outrageously funky it is. And, we’re pleased to reveal, there’s going to be plenty more like when the album lands.

“At least half of it will be 100-110 BPM,” explains Dodge. “There’ll be a couple of dubstep tracks to keep people happy. No noisy stuff, though; just proper wobbly stuff. I’m really excited about this album; it gives us an opportunity to be a bit more leftfield and experimental.”

We can’t wait. In the meantime let’s find out three more things about Dodge that aren’t already common knowledge. With tight links between each fact, there are two clear themes: he loves gaming and, more importantly, being his own boss. That makes sense: Not just a killer producer, Dodge is also an artist manager, label owner and contributor to Sound On Sound magazine. Quite where he fits in the time to game, we don’t know…

Shout out to our US family: The Sega Mega Drive is the European version of the Sega Genesis. Carboot sales are effectively yard sales but done in a field or parking lot from the trunk of your car.

He has over 20 gaming consoles

“The problem is I tell people everything! Everyone knows I like baking and have a cat. But I don’t think I’ve ever revealed that I have over 20 different games consoles and a whole room full of games…

I’ve got a SNES, an original Gameboy, a DS, a Gameboy Pocket, a Gameboy Advanced and a Gameboy Colour. The NES is the one Nintendo console I’m missing and I tell you what… Original Gameboys are indestructible! Only water will kill those things. I’ve also got both Sega Master Systems, a Mega Drive, a Saturn, an X-Box 1 and 360, plus the Playstations 1,2 and 3 and a Dreamcast. The list goes on!”

Carboot sales funded his studies

“The console collection started off by going to carboot sales. There are huge ones on the outskirts of London and I’d go every weekend. You could easily pick up a Master System for £2 and sell it on eBay for £40. I genuinely paid my way through university trading consoles. Most people chuck them out like junk! I bought all sorts of random crap and sold on to make a profit. I stuck to stuff I knew; video games, camera lenses. I once bought a SNES for 50p and, my best one, was a boxed Mega CD for £2… I sold it for £80! I used to get 2-3 Mega Drives a week. The going rate at carboot sales would be about £5 and I could sell them for at least £30 on eBay. I made a good £60-80 a week… Which was more than enough to live on in university without getting a job!”

He used to run a computer company

“During my studies at Westminster University I also used to run a computer company. It was called Headstone Computers, after the name of the street we lived on, and I ran it with my Irish housemate David. We printed these really cheap flyers offering maintenance packages and things and had all these random people doing marketing for us on a commission basis. The idea was to have each person with an allocated postcode and any job that came from that postcode we gave them 20 per cent commission. It was a bit cowboy, but, along with my second-hand sales, it was enough to live and run a car. I’m not one for having a normal job… I have an aversion for working for other people!”

Find out more things about Dodge & Fuski on their Facebook page.