3 x 3: Sub Focus & Wilkinson

It’s one of the biggest B2B pacts in recent drum & bass years: Wilkinson and Sub Focus’s partnership has been a dominant strand running throughout 2019.

Their headline sets at festivals and clubs such as EDC, Let It Roll, Rampage, Glastonbury, Dour, Amnesia and Radio1’s Big Weekend (with Dimension) have been a significant success, drawing massive crowds and displaying the full range of their musical powers with journey-like glee. Their collaborative productions galvanise this even more.

Following last year’s soaring soul-laced riffy rocket booster Take It Up comes Illuminate. Equally hooky and anthemic, Illuminate was on heavy rotation throughout the summer, it finally landed last month and, we’re told, is expected to lead to more collaborations in the very near future. It seems this titanic B2B meeting-of-headliner-minds could be a dominant strand throughout 2020, too.

In the meantime we asked Wilkinson and Sub Focus to pick their favourite’s from each other’s discographies. Both packing years of benchmark-setting, agenda-making bangers, there’s a lot to pick from…


Sub Focus’s favourite Wilkinson tracks

Wilkinson – Afterglow

“A huge huge tune. I love the lyrics about the feeling you get when you leave a rave. It’s an inspired idea to talk about that in a dance track and I don’t think I’d ever heard that done in this way before when this came out.”


Wilkkinson – Take You Higher

“A great riff and old school vocal sample make this another of Wilkinson’s classics. We’ve been intro-ing our sets with a mash up of this and Rock It.”


Wilkinson – Half Light Ft Tom Cane

“One of my personal favourites of Mark’s tracks and featuring Tom Cane on vocals who we worked with on Illuminate.”


Wilkinson’s favourite Sub Focus tracks

Sub Focus & Dimension – Desire

“Big tune! One of the biggest drum and bass records of recent times that ticks all the boxes for me. Doesn’t try too hard but is so catchy and really works on the floor.”


Sub Focus – Timewarp

Monumental tune! I remember when I first heard this and had heard nothing like it before. Such a well-executed and original idea and has been a staple in most DJ’s sets for so many years! Perfect tune for a switch.


Sub Focus – Follow The Light

“I remember hearing this on Andy C’s nightlife series and it blew my mind. The attention to detail, movement of the chords and melodies, it’s incredible. I still occasionally draw for it in my sets and it creates such a sense of euphoria and emotion on the dancefloor.”

Sub Focus & Wilkinson – Illuminate is out now