6 Of The Best: Movie Soundtrack Remixes

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Oscar season: while everyone argues about whether Leo will finally win that precious prize or whether the Oscars are not diverse enough, we’ve been searching high and low to find some Oscar themed remixes.

Electronic music has been synonymous with film since ever. Sci-Fi films like Blade Runner and 2001: Space Odyssey heavily used electronic instruments for their scores, and composers like John Carpenter is famed for the heavy use of synths and creating an atmosphere through electronic sounds for his films.

These days the relationship between big beats and big screen is stronger than ever. Hollywood blockbusters like the Social Network features a predominantly electronic influenced score composed by well-known artists like Trent Reznor. Artists like Photek regularly compose scores for film and TV and we have even seen a release for a whole electronic music led remix album of the score for Tron Legacy composed by none other than Daft Punk. Also who could forget Cliff Martinez’s Drive score and collaborative features on the soundtrack with Chromatics… Many would argue the soundtrack was more memorable than the film itself.

Film music purists and more traditionally orthodox composers may not agree that it’s the best for the future of film scores but, just as electronic music has influenced many other genres, it’s also had a similarly big impact on modern cinema.

Here are six of our favourite movie soundtrack remixes. Enjoy…

Hans Zimmer – Time ft. Satellite Empire (The Machinist Remix) (2013)

Inception OST (2010)

A remix by Atlanta based producer The Machinist featuring vocal led dubstep duo Satellite Empire. This particular piece from Zimmer is a touching, beautiful piece of music that invokes more emotion as the song itself builds.

Complimenting the soft vocals with an ambient chillstep vibe we then build into an uplifting synth led crescendo that creates a thought provoking soundscape. Journey time…

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Billboard remix) (2011)

Drive OST (2011)

Montreal’s Billboard remixes the Drive OST banger Nightcall. The original being a huge hit for Kavinsky with its 80s sounding synths and electro house sound, this remix brings the tempo down with a big future bass sound and uses some interesting instrumentation to create some intriguing sounds in the breaks. A unique twist on the retro-sounding electro of the original, this is a strong take what’s becomming a cult classic.

Daft Punk – Derezzed (The Glitch Mob remix) (2011)

Tron Legacy Reconfigured (2011)

A bass-driven trap influenced take on Daft Punk’s electro based Tron score. Although it keeps mainly an electro sound like the original, this remix has some cool alternative beat pattern breaks and glitch like take on Daft punk’s score. It feels more noticeable than the original due to the variation and different tempo. Definitely one to be turned up on the sub.

Hans Zimmer – S.T.A.Y. Interstellar Main Theme (Abandoned Remix) (2015)

Interstellar OST (2014)

Another Hans Zimmer song, but let’s face it; he is arguably the best movie score composer of this generation, having defined some of the most evocative movie scores over the last decade. This particular example is from Interstellar. Zimmer’s original piece uses dreary synths and a haunting organ tone that gives of the sense of the great void that is outer space.

Sci-fi also lends itself to electronic music – both in terms of its aesthetics and dialogue – something Abandoned have capitalised on right here with a very space like robotic sound. The cosmic tone set throughout, with elements of progressive dubstep, it’s as melodic as it is punchy and really captures the ambient elements of the original before exploding with huge drops and drawn out euphoric build ups. There are a few decent remixes of this track out there. This one stands out the most.

Ennio Morricone – The Man with the harmonica (Xil remix)(2009)

Once Upon A Time In The West OST (1969)

This is an interesting little D&B number from Xil that chucks some breaks over the top of Morricone’s original score. Its relatively simple track with a fast paced liquid drum beat and a constant pounding bass but still keeps the authentic western feel with that harmonica melody playing throughout which makes this remix work.

Coolio – Gangsters Paradise (Candyland’s OG Remix) (2013)

Dangerous Minds OST (1995)

Yes this might seem like it’s out of place but actually the Stevie Wonder-sampling Coolio classic is from a film. This remix is not what you expect; Californian producer Candyland brings it hard with huge drops and even bigger bass. A veritable party anthem, it takes the all the swag from the original but adds that big trap sound where the only possible outcome. Guaranteed to go off.