6 Of The Best: Knife Party Tracks

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With their upcoming Trigger Warning EP just around the corner (well… we hope so, they said 6-8 weeks time way back in July!) we’ve decided to take a look back at Knife Party’s killer back catalogue to pick out six of the best examples of their work. This was no easy task!

So sit back, relax (this might be difficult considering the following material) and appreciate some of the classics that the duo have delivered over the last four years as we wait patiently for Trigger Warning to drop…

Internet Friends (2011) 

No, that’s not the sound of your iPhone vibrating. It’s the sound of Knife Party kicking off their first ever release with one of the most hilarious, memorable intros of the past few years. If you’ve ever been blocked on Facebook you can surely relate to this one. It was also featured in The Walking Dead. ‘Nuff said.

Fire Hive (2011) 

Yes it’s another track from Knife Party’s slamming debut EP, but it just doesn’t feel right to leave this one out. It’s been almost four years and this dubstep destroyer still holds up with the best of them – even if we still don’t have a clue what that voice is saying before the drop…  Someone let us know!

Centipede (2012)

What is it with Knife Party and epic intros? The duo’s second EP Rage Valley brought us the twisted fury of Centipede – a track which only further cemented them deeper into the loins of the dubstep scene. It remains one of their best tracks to date.

LRAD (2013)

There’s a reason this track still gets thoroughly rinsed to this very day. Whether it’s the original track or the equally destructive bootleg from The Prototypes – that drop can and WILL send crowds absolutely nuts. LRAD showed Knife Party moving more towards the realms of house, and they’re still smashing it years later.

Boss Mode (2014)

Not being a group to stick to one genre or tempo, Knife Party surprised us all (in the best possible way) with this little trap number from their 2014 debut album Abandon Ship. Combining furious rhythms and awesome riffs, this track showed that they really can take any genre and put their own signature twist on it to make it their own.

Begin Again (2014) 

For years fans were eagerly awaiting the day Rob Swire would inject his awesome vocal touch into a Knife Party tune. That day finally came last year with Begin Again. The track fused the sounds of Knife Party and Pendulum into one amazing track, and made for one of their best songs yet. Bonus points for having a really cool music video, even if we don’t quite have a clue what the hell is going on.

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