6 Of The Best: Moombahton Tracks


Last week Dillon Francis and Skrillex finally dropped their fiery new collab Bun Up The Dance. Maxed up with full-on moombah grit, we’ve decided to take a fond flex back to the time when moombahton’s dubstep takeover as the ‘next big thing’ was being furiously forecast by pundits far and wide.

While it never quite gained the traction that some were hyping, it did have its moment in the spotlight with a select group of talented producers breaking down the walls of genres – and still remain to do so. Here are six of the very best moombahton tracks that shaped the genre we know today…

Silvia Ecomo & Chuckie – Moombah (Dave Nada Remix)

Let’s kick things off with none other than the track which started it all. In late 2009, while DJing at his cousin’s high school party – Dave Nada decided to slow down the original track Moombah from 128BPM to 108BPM, which led to the birth of Moombahton as we know it today. It’s not every day you create a whole new genre by accident…

Munchi – Esta Noche

Often credited for taking the Moombahton sound to the next level, Dutch producer Munchi was an early supporter of the genre, and has made bangers all the way from this classic track (which Azelia Banks used on her free 2012 mixtape Fantasea) to remixing the likes of Noisia and Skrillex.

Dillon Francis – Masta Blasta

Dillon Francis is another producer that’s well known for helping pioneer the genre whilst it was still in its early days. Believe it or not – this track was originally going to be released at 130BPM, however after Munchi’s input it was slowed down and ended up being the track that shot Francis into fame. We’re glad it did.

Porter Robinson – 100% In The Bitch

Before he was making you cry with Worlds, Porter Robinson dipped his feet into all kinds of genres – notably on his debut 2012 EP ‘Spitfire’ (check it out if you haven’t already, it’s awesome) where he dropped this hilarious Moombahton track that still goes off today! Interpret this one however you will…

Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix)

Can’t forget this one…Back in January of 2012, Delta Heavy remixed this classic Nero track and were nice enough to give it away as a cheeky freebie. The track showcased the slower moombahton tempo from a D&B act’s perspective, giving the genre a fresh and funky twist.

Feed Me – One Click Headshot

Feed Me has been kicking ass for years now, and chances are you’ve heard this track which released in 2012 to become something of a fan favourite. It’s also the most viewed upload ever on the UKF channel… Weighing in at over 17 million views. That’s a whole lot of headshots.