6 Of The Best: Skrillex Live Videos


It’s official: UKF is back at Sea Dance Festival!

Between July 14-16 we’ll be taking care of mainstage business on Jaz Beach, Montenegro with another heavyweight cast. So far we’ve confirmed Andy C, My Nu Leng, Zomboy, Sub Focus and, of course, Skrillex.

Skrillex is no stranger to the Balkans. In 2014 he headlined EXIT, the sister festival to Sea Dance and the first leg on the EXIT Adventure. Here he is giving it the highest of praise. So high he cancelled his private jet and stuck around to close the Dance Arena….

As we prepare the next Sea Dance line-up roll-call (trust us; it’s equally awesome), we thought we’d see the week out with a selection of killer Skrillex live videos. Covering the last five years, his three major projects – Skrillex, Jack U and Dog Blood – and some of the most world-renowned festivals, there’s well over five hours of proof that Skrillex will run things when he hits Jaz Beach with us this summer. We can’t wait.

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Skrillex @ Red Rocks 2014

Red Rocks: surely one of the most beautiful, must-do outdoor venues in North America for music lovers and performers alike. Throw a spaceship into the amphitheatre equation and you’ve got yourself a truly unique sight. Visually addictive and Skrillex’s set is bang on-point throughout this.

Skrillex @ Lollapalooza 2014


A two minute My Name Is Skrillex / Try It Out intro, the curtain drops and BANG: Illinois doesn’t know what’s hit it. Within five minutes the crowd are moshing to the Put Em Up mix and no one is turning back. Captured by Red Bull for Lollapalooza TV, the footage is really impressive here.

Jack U @ Ultra Music Festival 2014

A historic Ultra smash-up almost exactly two years ago: this confirmed Skrillex & Diplo’s ambitious statement of Jack U intent for those who didn’t know it already. Within a year they’d be seeing the year in at the legendary Madison Square Garden and delivering their Grammy award winning album. A rare afternoon set for the duo who usually trounce the headline slot some hours later, this captures the madness of Ultra during the day as the crowd are getting starting to get into the spirit.

Skrillex @ Ultra Music Festival 2015

One year later and Skrillex finds himself in Downtown LA once again. This time he’s headlining Ultra Music Festival and, thanks to some not-so-cryptic tweets, every single person in the crowd and watching the UMF live stream knows he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Tricks like Diplo, Diddy and Bieber. Even without his Jack U comrade joining him midway and the superstar cameo finale this set is tight. We wonder what tricks he has up his sleeve for Sea Dance?

Dog Blood @ Coachella 2013


The acidic yin to Jack U’s dayglow yang: Skrillex and Boys Noize smashed 2013 with their Dog Blog project. Okay so we’ve cheated here, picking an audio video but this bangs. Throw your middle fingers if you feel them yo!

Skrillcam @ Creamfields 2011

Finally, for a chuckle… Ever wondered what it’s like to see the world from Skrillex’s perspective? Ever wondered what it’s like to stage dive from the mainstage at one of the UK’s biggest dance festivals? This video lets you do both.

Skrillex, Andy C, My Nu Leng, Zomboy, Sub Focus  and many more will be with us at Sea Dance Festival, Jaz Beach, Budva, Montenegro July 14-16.

See you there!