6 Of The Best: Star Wars Dance Tunes


star wars

Unless you’ve been living in a galaxy far, far away recently, you’ll be aware that the new Star Wars is released today and everyone is fully losing their shit over it.

And for good reason… under J J Abrams’ leadership, the franchise looks set to return from the CGI dark side and actually go down as a worthy, properly watchable follow-up to the original movies.

To help you get in the spirit, we’ve searched the internet for some of the best interpretations of John Williams’ iconic soundtrack. Here are sith (sorry) of the best efforts, enjoy…

Star Wars Theme – Disco Remix

This infectious banger was a big hit back in disco’s heyday and has a groove strong enough to make even big Darth shake a leg. May the funk be with you.

Cantina Band – Noize Tank Remix

The Mos Eisley Cantina is a dimly-lit tavern known for its strong drinks, banging tunes and occasional outbreaks of shocking violence… not too dissimilar to many of our clubs (although the clientele may differ slightly) . The Catina’s house band provides the beats for this hotspot and their trademark jaunty hit was given an electro swing makeover by Noize Tank back in 2012. A shining example of how electro swing should be done and a tune good enough to make the most stubborn inhabitants of the Mos Eisley have a jive.

Rebels Theme – Flux Pavilion’s “The Ghost” Remix

Talk about an unexpected remix! One of bass music’s biggest hitters took the theme tune for this Disney offshoot and turned it completely on its head, transforming it into a club smasher that would do some serious damage on the dance floor should any DJ be brave enough to play it out…

The Force Theme – DJ AG Remix

There’s nothing tropical about any of the locations in the Star Wars movies but there’s definitely something very tropical about this remix. Another example of an amateur producer using one of the most recognisable theme tunes of all time as an opportunity to flaunt his production capabilities.

Milk Relm Star Wars Mashup

Mike Relm is a scratch specialist and a bit of a genius. This recent Star Wars mashup of his is composed of lightsaber battles, explosions, famous quotes from some of the film’s key players and clips from the newest film’s trailer. Bravo Mike, the force is strong in this one!

Imperial March (Drum & Bass Remix)

We’re not sure who’s behind this 170 version of the Imperial March but it’s not bad. The intro with all its half-time signatures and glitches is pretty inspired. Lots of amateur producers have tried their hand at Star Wars remixes over the years but this is definitely one of the better ones.