Arches… Satisfiction Guaranteed

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Arches exploded onto the UKF radar last month stimulating all our senses with the gorgeous slice of vocal house There’s A Place. It came with one of the coolest videos we’ve ever uploaded…

While it’s their official debut, there’s a strong chance you’re already acquainted with the Belgian duo. Seba operates as soulful disco dude Moonlight Matters while Jochen is famed for his peaktime lazer-flexing under the name Sound Of Stereo. Two completely different sides of the floor, they found their approach to work and abilities complemented each other perfectly.

“We met at a festival and just started sending each other our music for an objective opinion,” explains Seba who first released under the name Giuseppe Manuele. “The minute we both started working together we realised we had the perfect blend of clubby, harder sound and the poppy soulful stuff. It’s great to have both of our own strengths and know what each other can do. I’ve never been in a working relationship that works as well as this.”

With a pact that borders on beautiful bromance, the duo’s rise to fame came quicker than either had imagined. When they sent There’s A Place to fellow Belgian selector The Magician – a man who boasts an impeccable standing as a tastemaker – he jumped on it instantly… Before they could even agree on a name.

“The Magician mixes are a barometer of what’s going on,” says Jochen who once partied on the yacht belonging to the man who designed and created Daft Punk’s live show. “His help has been very crucial. With his backing we knew we were onto the right track. When this happened we were actually called Satisfiction. It was a hard decision to keep the name or not but Arches made more sense… It’s is a bridge between to the two of us, our two styles and our roots and future.”

Signed to major label Columbia, the future’s looking pretty bright for Seba and Jochen. While both have experience success in their previous incarnations, neither of them has been subject to such intense focus.

“It’s crazy having the major label backing,” laughs Seba. “There are so many people working on your behalf. There’s a quite a lot of pressure. The budget is bigger, the goals are bigger. We have to do well now. We have to prove we’re worth this backing. But that’s a healthy thing if you’re ambitious.”

With a follow up single already well under way and plans for a live show with singer Gustaph currently being plotted, there’s no denying the duo’s ambitious status.

“Gustaph is our number one vocalist,” grins Jochen. “He’s a personal friend of ours, he’ll appearing on our next release and he’s an animal on stage!”

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There’s A Place is out April 7