Autograf: Six Winter Chillers

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“You don’t have to be famous to have an autograph. It’s something you feel proud about. A signature is where you sign your life away!”

Well Autograf certainly left their mark on us with their smouldering, chill-flexed podcast earlier this month. So much so we wanted more… More info on who this Chicago-based trio are. And more of the downtempo delights they cooked up in their mix.

“We’ve all known each other for a long time,” explains Louis. “It started as an art project with a focus on creating some visual art. I just wanted to learn and these two are awesome teachers. So it started with an art capacity but migrated into something much bigger…”

Together with Mikul (an erstwhile art gallery owner) and Jake (a metal sculptor whose prize piece was a seven foot robot that moved) the three of them quickly found they had something much bigger than a visual art project on their hands…

“I hosted parties in the basement of my art gallery to help pay the rent,” explains Mikul.  “We did this beautiful Warhol-themed party with these crazy eight foot tall 500lb soup cans and really cool immersive art. From that moment we knew we could work really well together and the music started rolling from there. It got big pretty quickly.”

“Each one of us has specific specialities,” adds Jake. “Mikul takes the lead on the art side of things. Louis on the DJ mixes and I lead on the production. But we all take part in everything. We love that Warhol inspired community feel of all artists being part of a much larger creation.”

Future large creations include a wealth of original material and collaborative sonic autographs with the likes of Hotel Garuda, Big Wild, Jack London and Chainsmokers. While we wait for them, here are six specially selected winter chillers from this unique artistic trio. The guys also run a fine line of free downloads that are well worth checking out.

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ODESZA – All We Need

“We really love these guys. Their music is phenomenal. We’ve done a remix of this which is coming out soon but check the original, it’s so beautiful.”

ODESZA  – Bloom

“Another ODESZA track. We love them! This one is totally future bass. Real slow grime stuff with incredible dynamics.”

Slow Magic – On Yr Side

“This is two years old but still sounding totally futuristic. We love this!”

Bearson – Pink Medicine

“It’s a bit like ODESZA and Slow Magic but also very melodic and tropical. It’s a cross between the future bass world and tropical world and it’s beautiful.”

Chemical Brothers – Pills Won’t Help You Now

“There’s a big breaks influence in our music. We go on our deep house binges but we’ve got a big love for breaks too. This is a great winter song.”

Filur – You & I (Trentemoller Remix)

“This is about as far away as you can get from tropical but it’s perfect for the winter. Trentemoller is amazing. He puts dub delay on everything which gives it a great warm feeling.”