Beats That Bite: UKF’s Top 10 Animal Tracks


There’s been a distinct animal theme to dance music in the last week…

Last Wednesday we unveiled Savant’s mammoth Elephant track (made while UKF was filming a Music Makers episode in his studio) Then this Saturday Deadmau5 had a bit of fun at Ultra Music Festival, Miami, with an Old Macdonald-style remix of Martin Garrix’s chart-smashing Animals: (warning: poor quality sound on this clip, sorry)

Feeling inspired by both events, we embraced our penchant for roaring beats and growling basslines and put together this top 10 animal-themed tracks on the UKF Network. Digging deep into our near-five year history, there are some serious blasts from the past. You’d be barking not to check them. (Sorry)

Zomboy – Raptor

Ad Gannon – Space Snake

Knife Party – Centipede

N3Gus – Kites

16 Bit – Dinosaurs

Bcee – Chameleon

The Frederick & Copenheavy – Furry Coat

Savant – Red Claw

SPL – Pterosaur

Reika – Rabbit Rounds