Biggups: Signal B2B Disprove

We asked Signal and Disprove to look back over each other’s back-cats, pick three of their favourite moments and provide a little hype.

Hailing from The Netherlands and Italy respectively, Signal and Disprove are two kindred spirits who have both emerged to serious critical acclaim in recent years on labels such as Critical, Blackout, Eatbrain and Titan. Not to mention Invisible where they first collaborated last year with the purring, sub-heavy Erger and have since collaborated once again with their massive Mantura EP earlier this month.

Essential listening: Both armed with their own distinctive, heavyweight and frenzied signatures, Mantura sees the pair outweighing the sum of their parts across six subgenre-smelting tracks. They even have time to bring fellow innovative talents Annix and Ordure along for the ride. The lead track goes a bit like this…

The partnership clearly works. So we thought we’d see just what it is they see in each other’s music. Naturally they came back with some sharp selections…


Disprove’s favourite Signal tracks


Existence (Mindtech, 2015)

“His very first good tune that launched the Signal style and it’s hard to believe that a 14 year old kid could conceive something this dark, funky and intelligent. The stabby bassline together with the unusual drum generate and hypnotic pattern that makes you move like rubber Johnny. This tune is everything drum & bass needs today.”


Indirect (Lifestyle, 2016)

“Evergreen Signal classic, this tune can be still heard in many sets nowadays. The idea is simple but the elements are really well selected and put together; he just needed a cool vocal sample, a rolling drum, couple of basslines and some pads to make a chart topper. An admirable lesson on minimalism.”


Camo & Krooked – Black & White (Signal Remix) (Dubplate)

“One of the best dubplates around right now, I’ve been closing my set with this tune for almost a year now and I always get emotional. This tune is a dancefloor killer with a long “put your lighters up-style” intro that drives you into a huge drop. Technically impeccable and perfectly executed this remix will be another classic very very soon.”



Signal’s favourite Disprove tracks


Disprove – FRQNCS (Eatbrain, 2015)

“What I love about this track is how “robotic” it sounds. The combination of the straight one-beat basses mixed with the triplet stabs and the bit-crushed growl just make it seem like there’s some transformer destroying my eardrums in the best possible way.”


Disprove – No Silence (Ammunition, 2014)

“The dark and minimal basslines with the rolling percussion makes for a great mixing tool. One of the best tunes in this regard in my opinion. Less = more.”


Disprove – Negative Dots (Invisible, 2015)

“I think this was one of the first Disprove tracks I’ve ever heard. Absolutely love this one and still play it out all the time, the snare is amazing as well. Great synth hits and effects really keep it interesting over the entire tune.”

Signal & Disprove – Mantura EP is out now

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