Selector Recommends #1: Borgore


Tunes for the road, tunes for the warm-up, tunes for the sexytimes, tunes for the peaktime… Every different stage or moment of the day requires a different soundtrack, right?

We thought we’d find out how DJs soundtrack different chapters and missions throughout their day and get a personal recommendation for each moment.

First up: Borgore. He’s just released his ‘Keep It Sexy’ EP. A five track EP – six months in the making – that features various Buygore comrades old and new: G-Eazy, PRXZM, Getter and Dahn Farro all play a role in Borgore’s latest all-corners bass escapade that flexes from bad-assed trap of Forbes to the deeper dubstep feels of Out Of My Mind.

He gave us three key tips on how we can keep things sexy ourselves

You have to keep your hygiene on lock

Definitely keep your outfit on point

Listen to my new EP. 😉 

Got that? Sex lesson over, we’ve asked Borgore for the perfect tunes to soundtrack these moments: Warm-up, Peak-Time, Comedown, Chill, Travelling. These are his personal recommendations for each scenario… 

Warm up

Tisoki – Hyper Speed

“This track gets me hella lit before I go on stage.”


Styles & Complete + EXSSV + Crinchy Crinch – Starstruck

“We shot two videos for this, tune. Both times I got fucked over in the video. The first- I got kidnapped by a chick, the second- I’m a dude who’s been cheated on by his wife. The song is so lit, I couldn’t even say no.” 



“I love Prxzm’s voice, and lyrically this track is dope.”


Borgore Feat. PRXZM – Out of My Mind

“This track is one of the chiller one’s off of my EP Keep it Sexy, but the beat still goes hard. I think it’s important to have a balance in the tracks I put out.”


Borgore Feat. G-Eazy- Forbes

“I like listening to this track while traveling because it reminds me why I’m out on the road all the time- to live my dream.”