Caspa Remix Competition: The Results!

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In June we teamed up with Caspa’s mighty Dub Police to host the label’s debut remix competition.

The challenge: to take Caspa’s Riko-fronted Mad Man into unchartered territories. No constraints, no genre formalities, just a call to action for pure production creativity.

The result: an en-mass download tsunami that left Caspa and his team swimming in over 300 entries that came from every corner, covering every genre from two-step to trap via heavyweight D&B.

Label boss Caspa – who promised to listen to each entry personally – had his work cut out for him. But it seems he was more than happy with the epic listening challenge…

I’ve never done a remix competition before, but this one has made me think that I should have done it earlier,” he states. “There were so many great entries, and there is so much great talent on the internet. Sometimes a chance is all somebody needs, the same way I did when I first started out.”

So many great entries, in fact, Caspa hasn’t just picked one winner, he’s also highlighted the 10 runners up who he believes deserve some attention, too. All of which are streaming below for your listening pleasure.

There can only be one winner, though: Trystan Seven.

A talented young man from Lexington Kentucky pays respect to the original’s church-like opener and Riko’s visceral vocals before dropping into a firing 4/4 stomp session that will sit well across many different genre styles. Upfront and uncompromising, the remix takes the track into a whole new territory.

Massive props to Trystan Seven. You can find out more about him on his Soundcloud. Big him up on Facebook, too.

And big love to the 10 other talented runners up. Get to know them all… Brite Forger, Laowai & Gweilo, voloDM, Hansel The General, Ditta & Dumont, KiFi, Cellardore, 1point5, LOLLITA and HogyBear.

Watch out for a full feature on Trystan Seven on UKF.com very very soon. In the meantime, check out the creativity at play below…

From everyone at UKF and Dub Police… Thanks to everyone who took part in this competition!