Top 10: Caspa & Rusko’s Essential Summer Bangers


Hot enough for you?

The UK is currently enjoying its small window of proper summer heat this week. Perfect timing, then for a smouldering reggae-fused cut from the titans – Caspa & Rusko.

As they warned us last year, their reunion is based on no rules, no formulas, no expectations. And their first full EP to land since they returned with Blouse An Skirt is proof… Covering grime, peaktime classical dubstep aggro and traditional dub, it’s clear the murky agents have only one mission: to take things back to basics, conjure up vibes and have fun.

As they prepare the next release to land later this summer we collared the duo for 10 of their favourite summer hummers. Enjoy…

Henrik the artist – My Friend (Activia Benz)

Rusko: The finest Scandinavian cyber-ghetto from the Rhymeklubben crew. I love all the stuff on the Activia Benz label.


The Floozies – Granola Jones (All Good Records)

Rusko: From the new EP of the same name. Live funk duo from Kansas City continue their mission to make the funnest jams ever.

Mala – Markos Swagga (Brownswood)

Rusko: Hard to choose just one track from the recent mala album mirrors, but this track, with its mid-2000s DMZ Bassline mixed with live Peruvian percussion has been on repeat!

Dugong JR – Aliens (Good Enuff)

Rusko: Ultra HD vibes and the sweetest melodies! Sounds like a really stoned Rustie on a sunny day with the distortion turned down. Vocal chops make this one for me

Flap Jack – After The Storm (Flap Jack)


Rusko: I can’t stop listening to this track. It’s pretty much 90% build up, 10% drop but that’s why it’s awesome. It puts a smile on my face as soon as I hear the first chords.

Caspa & Rusko – Fruity Loops (Sub Soldiers)

Caspa: Grime meets dubstep meets daws and cereals! Man we had some fun making this one. It came together in a couple of hours because we was just vibing all the way.

District – Drowsy (Chestplate)

Caspa: Grit upon grit. Love this tune. Old school vibes with a little 2016 twist

Soloman – Bokeh Creeper (Dub)

Caspa: Wicked remix of Danny Weed’s classic grime anthem Creeper. Been dropping this in the sets for a bit now and it always tears it up!

Snoop Dogg – Legend  (Entertainment One Music)

Caspa: This tune is straight screw face – love this beat! Snoop’s new album Kool Aid is a banger full stop. He manages to take it back and forward at the same time. I can relate!

Caspa – Tales Of The Unexpected (Edgem Remix) (Sub Soldiers)

Caspa: This is just pure filth!